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Desired Skill Set for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technical Resources – Part II

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Desired Skill Set for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technical Resources – Part II


In this second article of the series Desired Skill Set for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technical Resources, I will describe what is expected of a Senior Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer.

Ideal total years of experience – 3 to 6 years

Desired technical skills

  1. HTML (Level 300) – At this level it is expected that developer is able to decide how to resolve a particular problem by applying various HTML techniques and has a general idea of UI Frameworks. Good understanding of CSS is also required so that basic styling of the UI can be done.

  2. JavaScript (Level 300) – At this stage, the developer must have decent command over JavaScript. From understanding various nuances of this powerful and omni-present scripting language, the developer at this level must be able to write and understand JavaScript code that deal with UI, Web Services (SOAP and REST) Integration. Moderate knowledge of various JavaScript frameworks (JQuery, JQuery UI, ReactJS, AngularJS, KnockoutJS to name a few) is expected at this level.

  3. ASP.Net (Level 300) – Excellent command over ASP.Net and surround technologies (MVC, WebAPI, SignalR, etc.). At this level it is expected that you will create / support integration with other ASP.Net based web applications. Additionally, high level understanding of other web technologies can help at this stage.

  4. C# (Level 300) – This is a must have for *any* level of CRM Developer and is essential in extending Dynamics CRM via Plug-ins, Custom Workflow Assemblies, Actions and various integration scenarios. At this stage, developer should have a decent understanding of Windows based application as well. Hands on knowledge of Windows Forms, WPF, Windows Services and other aspects of Windows programming can help go miles at this stage.

  5. Reporting and Business Intelligence (Level 300) – This is not a must have but it can definitely help you if you are considering career in Dynamics CRM. In addition to good reports development skills, at this stage it is expected that developer is aware of various business intelligence solutions for example Microsoft Power BI.

  6. Microsoft Azure (Level 200) – Strong understanding of Microsoft Azure and its various integrations with Dynamics CRM are must have at this level. For example, Customer Insights, Data Export Service, Data Loader Service, etc.

  7. Microsoft PowerApps and Flow (Level 200) – This is an optional area which Dynamics CRM technical resources should explore if they intend to integrate Dynamics CRM with many other web service providers.

You can find the previous article of this series at: https://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/29356/Desired-Skill-Set-for-Microsoft-Dynamics-CRM-Technical-Resources-Part-I.html


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