Top 11 Writing Tools for Your Content Promotion

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A big percent of today’s marketing activity is performed through the online environment. The marketing strategies that have existed a decade ago no longer relate to what’s happening today. We’re currently facing a revolutionary era, called the digital era. In ten years, the technology has developed

Nowadays, children receive their first complex smart devices at very young ages. My point is: we have quickly evolved. Along with the technology progress, it’s obvious that most of the today’s fields of activity have changed their ways. The business environment is one of those fields that became so different from what it used to be a few years ago.

When we think about marketing, sales, or promotion, our first thoughts are to perform them online. Why? Because everyone is spending time online. People love to sit on Facebook and spend their time scrolling and scrolling until they click on something they like. The process goes on and on, each and every day!

At the current moment, the online environment is dependent on a few factors. Content is one of them, and it is one of the most important factors of today’s marketing and business environment. Smart marketers understand that in the present moment, content is absolutely essential for any business, website, brand, and company.

Through content marketing, online marketers and businessmen from all over the place can improve more aspects of their business activities. A successful campaign will:

  • Develop your company’s brand awareness
  • Cause direct traffic to your website
  • Build you a social following base
  • Increase your revenues

In order to have success with content marketing, you must be resourceful. That means that whenever you encounter problems, you need to find solutions. There are certain content marketing tools around the marketplace that could make your life easier. During today’s article, we’ll take a look at eleven popular content marketing tools. But before that, let’s quickly talk about a few basic content promotion strategy concepts.


Atomicwriter is going to let you know who your target audience is, what they enjoy reading, how do they relate to your content, and provide suggestions on how to get closer to your target audience. It’s a tool that helps you relate to the ones who’re consuming your content.

You’ll synchronize your Google Analytics account and your social media profile with the tool. This way, you’ll find out useful stats concerning your traffic according to some specific factors.

Zen Pen

It’s called Zen Pen because the moment you start writing, you should really reach a “Zen” state. This software clears away all the possible distractions, leaving you with a blank screen where you’ll write your content. This is great if you’re encountering work distractions.

It’s also beneficial for the writers that have a habit of freestyle writing first while leaving the editing and proofreading in the end.


Stayfocusd is a highly customizable browser-based tool that goes into your add-ons folder. It allows you to block certain websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, all in order to keep you focused on the task at hand. You can also choose for how long it’ll block the mentioned URLs.

Most of our productivity challenges come when we’re distracted by our social media activity or by other unproductive activities. For example, as a writer, you’re always tempted to go back and check more sources of information. This can be avoided using this awesome tool.

The Most Dangerous Writing App
Ever wanted to improve your writing speed and didn’t know how? Well, here’s an extreme writers’ application that will push your writing speed limits. When you start writing a few words, you’ll have to continue doing it until a certain time passes.

If you stop typing, within a few seconds all of your text will be destroyed, without any chance of bringing it back. This app’s pretty cool, but most writers have trouble using it because it’s too “hardcore”.


With Ilys, you set a specific word limit right from the start. The moment you start typing, the letters that you type will flash before your eyes without letting you see the actual words. You cannot use the backspace button before the word limit has been reached. This is a great tool for every writer who can’t stop editing while he writes.

This tool is free to use, and everything happens on their platform. All you need is a device with access to internet connection. This is one handy tool if you’re looking to improve your writing speed and the quantity of content you’ll produce.


As mentioned earlier, in order to have success with content marketing, your content must be impeccable. Grammarly is one of the best grammar and spelling writing software around the web. You can upload a document, copy paste the text, or integrate the app into your Word Processor. The app quickly analyzes your text and provides suggestions for the spotted mistakes.

Unlike other professional grammar and spelling software, Grammarly is extremely popular among writers for its ability to find the smallest mistakes and suggest the perfect corrections for them.

Hemingway App

If you’re looking to improve the readability of your text, Hemingway App should be your first choice. Ernest Hemingway used to be one of the great history writers. He became famous because of his clear writing style.

This app offers a “readability score” which is marked from one to ten. When you’re above 7, you’ll have to edit some sentences in order to make your content more enjoyable and easy to read.


Thesaurus is a universal platform that can also be used as a dictionary. When you write a lot of words, you’ll often realize that you’re using the same words. In that case, you should start looking for alternatives. Using this platform, you can find plenty of useful words and synonyms and therefore create better content.

Exceptional content can’t be filled with the same words. You must diversify in order to give the reader a more pleasurable reading experience.

Australian Writings

Australian Writings is a professional content writing service. Most of the times, writers tend to run out of time. Your content marketing strategy can’t be placed on “hold”. You’ll have to keep providing valuable content; otherwise, your followers will be turned off by your services.

Every time I run out of time, or there’s a difficult subject that needs to be approached, I choose to order my content from this service. They’re professional, and very flexible. Another plus would be the low prices that they ask for. There’s nothing better than ordering cheaper content but highly qualitative.

Cliché Finder

You don’t want your text to be filled with clichés. In order to avoid that, start taking advantage of this amazing cliché finder tool. You just have to copy paste your text, and in a matter of seconds, the software will do its magic and find clichés within your text.

I’ve encountered a lot of articles that are filled with clichés; it’s so annoying to see them, and believe me…your reader will also think likewise. a

Yoast Wordpress Plugin

When your marketing strategy is reaching a certain peak point, you should be looking for more ways of generating extra traffic. SEO (search engine optimization) is also a very efficient online marketing strategy nowadays.

Yoast Wordpress plugin helps you identify SEO aspects within your text, and comes with different suggestions for better optimization. If you’re truly serious about your organic rankings, you must use this Wordpress plugin.


By improving your writing skills, you are making certain that your content marketing performances will go higher. When you’re into the content marketing business, every detail matters. Your strategies matter, your content matters, and your promotions matter too.

I’d suggest choosing few of the mentioned tools and applying them to your own needs. Some will suit your business better than others, so make certain that you’re exploiting their features for a better chance of getting productive results.


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