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When it comes to security, close monitoring is a must. According to WhiteHat Security annual report, a substantial number of all web applications are vulnerable always. Monitis offers a new product - fully-featured Website security monitoring and protection.

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Here is a question for you. When you leave your home would you put a sign on the door saying “door is open – help yourself”. Probably not. So, why do the same with your website?  Your website is the face to the world and leaving it unsecured attracts hackers and puts your customers at risk. So just like your home your website should be safe and secure.


In 2017, website security is even more important than ever as cybercrime increases, it destroys a company’s reputation and can easily lead to a business failure. According to the latest research from WhiteHat Security report website protection is a top priority for every website owner.

Website and web application vulnerability present the greatest threat to an organization’s security Web Applications Security Statistics report

The report’s findings demonstrate that across 12 analyzed industries, IT, education, and retail suffer from the highest number of critical vulnerabilities per web application. It also takes longer for representatives of these industries to rectify.

Interestingly, across all the industries, a considerable amount of web applications is always vulnerable.

  • IT – 60% of all web applications are always vulnerable
  • Retail – a fair half of all the applications are always vulnerable
  • Banking and Finance services – 40 and 41% respectively are constantly vulnerable
  • Healthcare – 47% always vulnerable


Luckily, Monitis has an optimal web security solution that can continuously scan, instantly identify and alert upon any threat.


Key Features

Malware Removal and Hack Repair (every 12 hours)

Being hacked not only causes major downtime for your website but is a massive inconvenience for your customers. Our security monitoring solution detects any malware and hacking attempts and repairs your website so that you’re up and running in no time.


Continuous Malware and Hack Scanning (every 12 hours)

Protect your business from malware infections with continuous scanning. By performing an analysis of activity patterns, Monitis Malware Scanner instantly determines any oddity and alerts on an event of a security incident.


Brand Reputation and Blacklist Monitoring (every 12 hours)

Ensure your website from having a warning note next to search results, a big red screen preventing site access and other unpleasantries of being blacklisted.

Instead of planning for high-cost site repairs and reputation reinstating efforts, use your time wisely and save it with Monitis’ Blacklist monitoring. We will continuously check and warn you on any sign of possible blacklisting.


PCI Compliance (Quarterly)

At the front of commercial online transactional compliance is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

A number of companies may have a difficult time achieving this level of compliance. Our auditor-tested, PCI DSS compliance software solution makes PCI DSS compliance not only possible but easy to maintain.

We perform 4 PCI Scans every quarter. If any issues ever occur, we extend our services to assist you based on a management fee.

Don’t leave things to chance! Sign up to Monitis, add Website Security Monitoring solution and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve!



Stay tuned for new updates in Security Monitoring!

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Stop Hacks and DDoS Attacks (Immediately)


Cyber-criminals have become more sophisticated at accessing private systems, stealing data, and causing massive upheavals to businesses and individual web users alike. Hackers will stop at nothing to uncover vulnerabilities and exploit them for financial gain. Monitis will take immediate action on hacks and DDoS attacks. With our security monitoring solution in place, you’ll receive an instant response should an attack ever happen on your website.


Advanced Denial of Service DDoS Protection (Layer 7 only)

A DDoS attack occurs when criminals attempt to disrupt and gain entry to different layers of your network framework. This type of attack can be difficult to trace since it mimics the behavior of a human visitor. Our web security software monitors the behaviors of the traffic from your applications in order to learn how to detect an attack. For instance, if a hacker keeps on targeting the download button on your site, this can cause your server to go down and open the door to an imminent hack. Our web security tools offer Level 7 protection capabilities that can recognize this kind of unusual behavior and divert or block imminent attacks.

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