The Cloud Skills Gap And How To Find The Right Hands

Powerful tools can do wonders, but only in the right hands.  Nowhere is this more obvious than with the cloud.

Modern society is filled with powerful tools that have helped us grow rapidly and accomplish amazing things. Credit cards, cell phones, the internet and cloud. But all the upside of this progress comes with a double-edged sword, especially when the technology is misused.

Credit cards make financial transactions easy, travel and commerce fast…yet there is more than $779B in credit card debt in the US alone.

Cell phones make keeping touch simple and provide powerful access to information…yet there are over 1.6 million car crashes annually caused by calling or texting while driving.

Internet of Things and web technology growth provide unlimited capabilities to power faster information, better business decisions – and leads to fascinating products – yet ransomware will double in 2017 and has an estimated $75B annual impact on businesses.

All of these advancements share a common theme: powerful tools can do wonders, but only in the right hands.

Nowhere is this more obvious than with the cloud. Unlimited scalability, ever increasing speeds, capabilities that progress dramatically every single day. Yet each day we talk to organizations that are not able to benefit from the cloud, simply because they do not have the right hands. They see unbridled cost increases, unexpected outages and security and compliance issues they did not expect when they first adopted the cloud. 

And the risks of not having the right cloud experts are ramping up. According to a survey by Spiceworks, 55% of organizations stated they don't have regular access to any IT security experts at all, internal or third-party. Another poll of 1,000 IT professionals showed that 67% stated they do not have any security certifications.

When it comes to in-demand jobs such as those involving data, cybersecurity or cloud developers, there simply aren’t enough people with the necessary talent to fill the demand. Furthermore, certifications and IoT standards on the production side are not well defined or regulated.

We see the impact of this cloud skills gap in mid-size organizations every day, as well as the opportunity to lead the marketplace by filling that gap with quality cloud-based solutions and managed services.  The industry will progress and the talent and knowledge will catch up; however, in the meantime, leaders need to be sure they find the right hands in order the harness the power of the cloud.

What is one of the best steps to finding the right hands? Ask for a Cloud Assessment to determine the risk and reward of the cloud, as well as help determining the specific skills, or the right hand, needed for the project. 


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