Simplified Server Management [Webinar]

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Liquid Web and Plesk discuss how to simplify server management with a single tool  in their webinar.

Working as an IT admin or developer, your role is not a one-task position. From website and server management to applications and security protocols, you wear a lot of hats and touch many aspects of the company’s tech landscape. While the diverse work and varied responsibility keeps your job exciting and is likely half of the motivation behind your career choice, there are some days where it’s a lot of responsibility to bear.

Not only can diverse server management be extremely time consuming, it can also be frustrating when systems aren't working efficiently to help you get your work done. In a webinar last week with Liquid Web and Plesk, we learned that the Plesk Onyx tool streamlines the processes of tackling your many projects through software integration and a comprehensive dashboard.

Jamie Charleston, senior sales engineer at Plesk, says the tool helps you make your projects more efficient, leaving time for you to do what you do best.

The simplified platform solution provides a secure server environment and simplified way to manage information. “It’s great for mom-and-pop shops with no admin capabilities all the way to the highest level sysadmins,” Charleston says. “IT managers can manage more in less time and developers can build more code with less reliance on IT admins.”

The platform merges with other services to house databases, web servers, mail servers, deployment tools, and programming languages. Other capabilities include CloudFlare SeverShield which offers the ability to manage web application firewalls to block hackers and spammers, an offline website maintenance mode where the external-facing site still operates for consumers, and third-party integrations.

“We want you to be able to do your job, and do it efficiently,” Charleston says.

For more information on how this platform works, check out the webinar here.

Experts ExchangeThe Original Technology Community.
The original technology community.

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