Top Worst Responses to Our Emails

Allie WattsDemand Generation & Digital Marketing Specialist
We aren’t perfect, just like everyone else.  Check out the email errors our community caught and learn the top errors every email marketer should avoid.

Every email marketer understands the amount of responsibility associated with endless mounds of emails. Each one requires copy, design, and building efforts. We draft and edit to create the right language with copywriters, collaborate with designers, and agonize over, quite possibly, the most important five to eight words of the entire campaign—the subject line. All this is done in search of ever-elusive clicks. Who knew the fate of my professional success would rest with your thumbs...or index fingers.

As with any task, there is an extensive screening process. Here at Experts Exchange, we are no stranger to the intricate review, revise, and repeat method. Though we toil through the steps repeatedly, we are human and, yes, even we make mistakes. Thankfully, we have a vast community filled with professional writers, educators, and technology specialists to let us know when our efforts are error-ridden or altogether unnecessary.

  • The number one error we confess is spelling. Unfortunately, this error is prone to show up in more than just your email copy—your entire email account is subject to error as well. Utilizing more than one reviewer is an excellent resource for avoiding such errors. It's likely at least one member of your marketing team came to work prepared for an email spelling bee

I just noticed that the display name on this account/mailbox is showing up as Experts Exhange instead of Experts Exchange and thought I should bring it to attention.

  • Provide ALL the necessary information. We have links, id codes, confirmation numbers, dates, and times to convey. Don’t get lazy, make sure you relay this information in a concise, orderly fashion. If you don’t, you not only hurt your campaign, but also the community member you are trying to reach.

hey i didn't get the webinar id with confirmation mail. I am trying to connect to webinar through it gives prompt for the webinar so please give me the webinar so i can join it.

  • Improper grammar is another stumbling block that should be avoided at all costs. Yes, you want to be casual in some contexts and always relatable, but if your grammar is all over the map you will lose your audience before the CTA punchline. 100% guaranteed!

You have a painful grammatical error below, which I hope you find an embarrassment. The phrase is not 'you may not of been able', it is 'you may not have been able'.

Grammar is pretty important and it seems like no one is editing anymore. The second sentence in the big red ad should read, ‘A NAS-FULL IS UNSTOPPABLE.’ As you can see, it is a distraction and detracts from their message.

  • Make your content user-friendly for everyone. Email content equality is essential in becoming a brand that cares for—and caters to—its audience. You want your clients to feel included by providing what they need in the format they use. Don’t cut yourself off by creating content that acts as a blocker between a potential or official client.

I viewed the first video and it looks like the videos are not accessible (i.e. they do not have captioning) so it’s of no use to a deaf person like me.

  • Know when to quit. I used to hear “don’t take no for an answer” and “persevere” many times growing up. While that persistent grit has given me genuine drive, your potential clients will tell you when they are done. Whether that be an unsubscribe click or an actual response, listen, learn, and know when to walk away.
I do not want your newsletter. I don't want anything at all to do with your organization.


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Arman KhodabandeFreelance Developer

Haha, that was pretty cool stuff.
But sometimes I see such errors and don't feel like reporting it, sometimes because I feel overwhelmed by opening my mailbox and seeing 3-4 marketing emails from EE. Actually I opened my account settings and couldn't find an option to turn off marketing newsletters and finally gave up. lol
Danny OsborneSenior IT and Technical Specialist, Consultancy

Heh:-) Not too bad. I've seen worse!
Allie WattsDemand Generation & Digital Marketing Specialist


Hey Arman! We know that opting in and out of certain emails is a problem for many members. We are working on giving members more options in their unsubscribe settings. Stay tuned for those updates!

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