Latin American Broadcasting Company Builds State-of-the-art Newsroom Using ATEN Solutions

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This article will show how Aten was able to supply easy management and control for Artear's video walls and wide range display configurations of their newsroom.

Artear, a Latin American broadcasting company, decided to build a state-of-the-art newsroom. This major project involved the creation of two large video walls to display up-to-the-minute content 24-7 for news editors and marketing content creators, and stream content from live channels.

Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Artear is one of Argentina's longest-running and most prolific television networks. As an innovator in the broadcasting industry in Latin America, Artear is at the forefront of both programming content and technology implementation. The company recently decided to build a state-of-the-art newsroom. Their previous legacy video wall solution had limited grid layout options, supported only one output interface, and suffered from unacceptable lag when switching between sources. So they were looking for a flexible solution that was able to be easily and quickly customized to support the fast-paced video display needs of a cutting-edge newsroom.

Key Customer Requirements

  • A flexible and customizable solution with minimal lag when switching
  • To switch among different video wall layouts and content sources easily and quickly
  • Power stability and redundancy that is critical for a 24-7 newsroom environment
  • To control a large 10 x 6 video wall and a smaller 5 x 5 video wall with 16 different SDI input sources
  • To extend the 5 x 5 video wall content up to 70 meters to account for the design architecture of the newsroom

Next, Artear required a video wall solution that was simple to control but catered to a wide range of display configurations while also facilitating fast switching between video sources in real-time. In the newsroom at one of the country's leading content providers, there was simply no time for either complications or delays. 

Due to their reputation as a leading provider of quality and timely content, Artear also required a solution that was specifically designed with reliable power redundancy in mind. In a hectic 24-7 newsroom environment, where millions of viewers rely on Artear as an information portal, this kind of reliability is a critical factor. To accommodate the station's ever-increasing video content management needs, Artear's state-of-the-art newsroom was designed with two video walls - one large 10 x 6 wall and a second 5 x 5 wall - that needed to display content from various channels to monitor the latest news and information. In total, 16 different SDI inputs needed to be routed to the walls and scaled to meet their display requirements.

Finally, seeing as the newsroom was designed to maximize the efficiency of their news editors and content creators, Artear designed the newsroom so the video walls were in the optimum position to facilitate effective workflow. This meant that their 5 x 5 video wall needed to be extended over distances of up to 70 meters without any delay and without any loss of signal quality or strength. 

ATEN provided the perfect solution with Modular Matrix Switch Switches paired with the ATEN Control System, an Ethernet-based management system, comprised of Control Boxes and Configurator software, which connects hardware devices and centralizes control of all of them. By integrating six VM1600 units (with 3G-SDI input boards and HDMI/HDBaseT output boards) and sixteen VS146 splitters with two VK2100 Control Boxes, the ATEN solution delivered easy management and control for both the 60-screen HDMI video wall and the 25-screen HDMI video wall. Four VM1600s were used for the 10 x 6 video wall and two for the 5 x 5 video wall, each controlled by a single VK2100, while 25 VE805R units were employed to further extend the distance of the 5 x 5 installation over HDBaseT and provide seamless switching and scaling functionality.

The ATEN Solution

  • Customized  flexibility and video wall configuration options
  • Seamless switching and reliable, continuous video streams
  • Centralized video wall control from multiple devices
  • Long distance video transmission
  • Reliable power redundancy design

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