August Newsletter: What is a Blockchain?

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Community Articles

Understanding Blockchain in 500 words or less

Ever wonder what a blockchain is, who uses it, and how it works? In this informative article by member David L. Hansen, we get a comprehensive look into this emerging technology and how it’s making a difference in security and transparency of financial transactions across the board.

Wireless Network Troubleshooter and Flowchart

Who doesn’t love a good visual diagram when trying to fix a tech problem? That’s exactly what Joshua Johnson, our first place winner from the Summer 2017 Scholarship Contest, did with his article on resolving some of the most common problems with wireless connections.

Hacks and Holidays

Tech News

Verizon Data Breach

Last month, Verizon was the latest in a chain of recent hacks and breaches. Their cloud-server breach put 6M customer identities at risk. Learn why this happened and how to protect yourself and your company from similar issues.

6 SysAdmin Tales from the Trenches

What obscure things will you find if you take apart an employee’s hard drive? Find the answer to that and so much more in this fun piece showcasing crazy things sysadmin workers have to deal with and ways they continue to save the day.

Blockchains and Secure Money Transactions

Vendor Spotlight

The Age Of Cryptocurrencies

Brought to you by LunarPages

For many years, cryptocurrency—like bitcoin—has been a hot topic of discussion. In recent years, more and more companies have explored the behind-the-scenes, secure means of processing these transactions versus traditional financial payments. The ledger that keeps track of cryptocurrency transactions, also known as a blockchain, is seen as the technology of the future. Companies like LunarPages see it revolutionizing financial transactions as we know them.

Things We’ve Learned

Responses from the Community

Top Worst Responses to our Emails

No one is perfect, including Experts Exchange. For a fun trip down memory lane, we took a glimpse into some of the worst email responses we’ve received. Check out the errors we’ve made and some of the classic comments that have left us red in the face.

Team Updates

Priority Questions

Have you ever wished you could boost your question on Experts Exchange so that community experts will see it sooner? Now you can. With our latest feature release,Premium Members, Team Accounts, and Qualified Experts can adjust the priority level of their question to get their issues solved by subject-matter experts faster than ever before. For tips on how to properly ask- and close -a priority question, check out our step-by-step guide.

Product Update

To improve the experience of our new Post feature, we updated the UI so users can more easily tell the difference between creating a post or asking a question. There’s now a tab-style interface to clearly highlight the different actions. We’ve also suggested a subject of discussion for the week to help users engage with this new tool. Start your conversation today!

New Featured Partners


Every day, another technology threat his the scene. It can be difficult to keep up with the latest in securing every entry point of your personal and professional data. When you feel overwhelmed, tap into experts on site like Webroot, a provider of next-gen endpoint security systems and threat intel services. They can help you navigate crypto ransomware attacks, cloud-based threats, and so much more.


Cloud backups, on-premise back ups, external hard drives. So much data in so many locations. If you fall under this category, you need tips and best practices from experts who know how to deploy scalable, flexible security solutions. Explore WatchGuard’s page for more information on how to best secure your company’s data.

Coming Soon

Protect your Business from Cyberattacks [Webinar]

This month, Webroot will host a webinar that dives into the topic of multi-vector protection and why that makes a difference in keeping your business’ information safe. Learn how this approach to endpoint security protects you from the threats looming over your different entry points and during the many different stages of an attack. Sign up now!


VMworld is one of the biggest events to attend for the digital enterprise world—and we’ll be there to see what great new technologies and solutions are emerging onto the scene. Are you attending this 5-day event? We’d love to see you there! Email us at to schedule a meeting!

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Experts ExchangeThe Original Technology Community.
The original technology community.

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