How Can Office 365 Help You With Your Marketing Campaign

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With its various features, Office 365 can not only help you with your day-to-day business tasks, it can also do wonders for your marketing campaign.

If your business is not currently using Office 365, there are some excellent reasons why you may want to make a transition soon. This is one of the more popular office resources that you can use, and its exceptional affordability makes it truly advantageous.

Office 365 has applications on mobile devices as well as tablets and laptops, and these are secure applications that are frequently updated to give you and your users an excellent overall experience.

Using this program can assist with data loss prevention throughout your various departments as well. This versatile program can even be used to take your marketing efforts to the next level, and a closer look will show you how this is possible.

1. Improving Communication Between Sales and Marketing 

The ability of your sales and marketing teams to
collaborate effectively is crucial to your company’s overall success. However, if your company is like most, your sales and marketing professionals may periodically engage in conflicts over different matters. The reality is that finding an effective way to boost collaboration lies in improving communication between these two departments, and Office 365 can help in this area.

For example, the Excel Web App in Office 365 enables easier collaboration when sharing files online, and this can decrease confusion while improving the speed of collaborative efforts. The PowerPoint Web App can facilitate efficiency and effectiveness with the design and sharing of online presentations between the different individuals. These are only two of the many ways communication between these teams can be improved through the use of Office 365.

2. Starting With the Basics: Creating Engaging Content 

Implementing the use of Office 365 does more than promote active collaboration between your sales and marketing teams. This robust program can actually be used to create content for your future campaigns as well. The use of long-form content in your marketing efforts that is developed through this program can grab the attention of your target audience, and it may even lay the foundation for establishing trust.

Using long-form
content, your company may also gain visibility through more shares or links on social media platforms. You may appear to be more authoritative in your industry, and your content may seem more authentic and legitimate. Enter Office 365: you can use it to create everything from a guide or tutorial to an e-book or something else.

Sway is one of the most beneficial features that marketing professionals can use in the Office 365 suite. This application gives you greater creative control over the design of web-based content. It also easily enables the use of graphics, video elements and other attention-grabbing features in your content.

3. Attracting Your Customers 

It is not enough to simply create amazing content with eye-catching graphics. You also need to reach your target audience, and Office 365 offers useful benefits in this area as well. Essentially, this program can be used to reach your audience more effectively through an app as well as through email.

a) Reaching Your Customers with an App

After you have created the ideal content for your marketing material, you can use web applications designed through Office 365 to connect with your target audience online. This includes reaching out to new customers that you have not yet been in contact with as well as by opening up the lines of communication with your existing customers.

The development of an app may sound complicated and expensive, but it is actually easier to do and more affordable than you might think. Through Access 2016, you can easily create the foundation of your app using tables and query grids. The program can also be used to design the graphic interface of your app. Keeping the app updated is easy to do through the desktop platform of Access 2016.

b) Reaching Them via Email

Email marketing is another option to consider if you want to reach your target audience. This is a direct form of communication that you can send directly to a specific list of people. Ideally, these individuals have opted in to receive your content, so they may be active, motivated individuals. Email is also more trustworthy than tweets, popup adds, and other forms of digital advertising.

Office 365 can be used to create email marketing campaigns as well as to create mail merge campaigns. Through a mail merge function, each of your email messages can be personalized with your customers’ names and other identifying details. This can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.


Office 365 is an incredible program that has numerous beneficial applications for businesses in a wide range of industries. Through this program, you can improve collaboration between all of your teams regardless of where they are geographically located.

This program has specific benefits that your marketing and sales teams can benefit from. With how versatile and beneficial this program is, it may be ideal for all of your needs.

Jen McKenzieFreelance Writer
Jennifer McKenzie is a freelance writer from New York, NY. She is fascinated by all things having to do with business, education and tech.

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