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Experts Give Back: Financial Aid Matched and Delivered to Houston

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Experts give $3,000 toward hurricane relief efforts—but that's not all!

The past month has been filled with natural disasters. The devastation has been widespread and individuals and organizations alike have been answering the call for help by volunteering their time and donating their money to offer relief to those in need.

In the wake of both Hurricane Harvey and Irma’s damage, you—our community of experts—wanted to find a way to get involved and give back. Houston, as our country’s fourth most populous city, is also a large hub for technology and we feel their devastation. Houston houses many startups, NASA’s headquarters, and is home to the Texas Medical Center, a medical complex that works hard to develop new life science innovations.

You experts work really hard on our site. You respond to tech problems and issues, help deliver new solutions, and engage with other members to influence the future of technology. For those who don’t know, we reward you for this participation with points that you can claim for earned items and perks, such as Experts Exchange T-shirts. After Hurricane Harvey we thought, “Why not let our experts donate the value of their earned T-shirts toward the relief cause?” We pitched the idea to you, and were overwhelmed by the response.

Together, you donated the value of your T-shirts for a total amount of $3,000.

To make the most of your gracious donations, we partnered with CompTIA, who was offering a 2:1 match when funds are delivered to Heart to Heart International, tripling donations given by partnering organizations. Heart to Heart International, “a global humanitarian organization based in Lenexa which works to improve health and to respond to the needs of disaster victims worldwide,” is the organization CompTIA chose as they work to raise money across the tech industry.

That means your donations have been tripled and a total of $9,000 is being donated to the disaster relief of Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims. CompTIA’s generosity is a great example of the importance of community, and how when we band together as technology companies and tech enthusiasts, we can make a difference.

On behalf of Experts Exchange and those receiving your donations, I thank you for your support and your generosity.

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by:Kyle Santos
Awesome.  I love this community.
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This is such a fantastic result!

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by:Nichole LaRue
Great job everyone!

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