Five Tools You Must Have When Installing Windows

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Al Fatih
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The article covers five tools all IT professionals should know about, as they up productivity by a great deal!

The daily life of an IT professional often comes down to the most menial and boring tasks- cleaning viruses, reinstalling operating systems. These tasks, while not at all challenging, can take up a lot of time. Fear not, as these programs will speed up the process so much, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.


One of the most boring parts of reinstalling Windows is the installation of all necessary programs to get you up and running. Ninite takes all necessary programs, and makes their installation as simple as possible. All you need to do is select the programs you wish to install, and off you go! Ninite will do the rest for you.

Hiren’s BootCD
Ever had a hard drive stop working out of a sudden? Missing system files stopping you from backing up data? Hiren’s BootCD is made for such situations! The bootable iso contains a wide range of system administration tools, ranging from maintenance, to data recovery. Truly a must have for all IT professionals.

DriverPack Solution
More often than not, you’ll find that after installing Windows, some devices are left unrecognized. While Windows Update handles a good amount of such cases, the remaining drivers can be a real pain to find, especially for older devices. DriverPack Solution makes this process easier, by finding, installing, and updating drivers on your PC.

Patch My PC
Patch My PC is extremely useful for managing third-party software updates. It provides users with a centralized updater, meaning You won’t need to handle updates on your own. Remember this one the next time you need to update several programs!

Dubbed one of the best remote management tools, TeamViewer lets you manage your PC without having physical access to it! A must have when dealing with other users, as it lets you take full control over the PC with very little user input.

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