The Contribution of Cloud Computing for the Gaming Industry

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The article lists top benefits which gaming industry bestows with the assistance of cloud computing technology.

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming refers to a game that resides on a company server instead of the gamer's device. One can play the game by installing a client program which can be accessed from the server.

Cloud technology has given wings to other segments of the entertainment like music, television, etc. to offer extensive content to users through a variety of devices like PCs, smartphones, etc. and gaming industry will not be an exception. Gaming is a rapidly growing industry and it accounts for the revenue of $68 billion. It is no new thing to mention that cloud computing has offered huge opportunities to the gaming industry. It has contributed a lot to resolve the prevailing issues and work towards the evolvement of the growing gaming sector.

The benefits of cloud computing application aren’t just confined to the enterprises alone, rather it has proved advantageous for the consumers too. The article lists top benefits which gaming industry bestows with the assistance of cloud computing technology.

Top Benefits of Cloud for the Gaming Sector

Security from Hackers

Hacking can be prevented by using industrial level security via cloud computing. This is because, in the cloud, information is stored inside a virtual storage space that makes it safer than other traditional applications.


The scalable feature of cloud lets you play high-end games on lower-end machines. Memory requirements, graphic capacity, processing power and other such limitations are eliminated or reduced because of the cloud. So, now you get an exceptional gaming experience without having to invest in high-end devices.

Reduced Costs

Usually, when a new gaming title is released, companies have to pay more for bandwidth due to high traffic in the system in traditional models of gaming. 

On the contrary in normal days, gaming companies consume just 10 percent of server space and bandwidth. This result in wastage of remaining 90 percentages of resources. But in case of cloud systems companies benefit from the ‘pay as you go’ payment strategy in which they pay only for the resources which they have utilized.

Easy Accessibility

Using cloud, you can access games from any device at any location without even downloading and configuring applications. Although cloud is an advanced technological concept, it is easy to implement.

An End to Piracy

As the physical gaming software is not available in the market there are hardly any chances of creating the pirated version. Gamers play games in cloud servers using their personal devices which results in decreased chances of unauthorized manipulation and interruptions.

Availability of More Devices

With the support of cloud computing, game players can enjoy their moments with a broader range of devices rather than just depending on the “consoles”. 

Immediate and Dynamic Backend Support

As compared to traditional storage capacity, cloud applications are more flexible and scalable. Gaming companies can now provide more information to the gamers to perform the functions like saving the game or protecting it from regular access without any hassles. The immediate response and regular access offer more delightful UX and aids in keeping up the satisfaction levels.

Access to Multiple Games

Cloud provides the gamers the chance to play multiple games at a time which in turn helps the gaming industry to generate more revenue. Thus, cloud helps to make the gaming sector more dynamic and bring active involvement of the game lovers.


Instead of focusing on producing the hardware or consoles which are portable and easy to use, game-makers concentrate on delivering interesting and long-lasting game content, with the support of cloud computing. 

Cloud-based gaming has helped to revolutionizes the gaming industry by helping game-makers to generate more sales and returns while offering gamers an exceptional gaming experience.

Laxmi SharmaDigital Marketer & Blogger
A Passionate content writer and Cloud Computing enthusiast

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I believe that cloud gaming would be more for casual gamers but cloud computing have much more to offer to gaming than just game streaming. Server side should allow for giantic single shard online worlds spread in multiple servers over multiple continents, yes there are some technical difficulties but all of them have solution with current technology so I'm expecting a revolution in online gaming in the next years thanks to cloud computing.

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