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It’s time for spooky stories and consuming way too much sugar, including the many treats we’ve whipped for you in the world of tech. Check it out!

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Technology Goblins and Heroes


Anti-rootkit software

Did you know rootkits allow viruses and malware to “hide in plain sight” as they continue to compromise your machine? Resident ransomware and malware expert, Thomas Zucker-Scharff, penned this piece to help you identify these bugs and effectively exterminate them.

Ransomware: Prevention is the only Solution

You can never be too careful when trying to secure your data and information, especially against ransomware attacks. Review this helpful article on different ways to prevent these threats before they can hit.

Why Technology could be the saving grace of modern education and learning

Some critics like to villainize technology and its influence on young, blossoming minds. But member Sean Lockwood disagrees and explains how technology can not only help improve education methods, but make learning more accessible to everyone in the future.

Active Directory Cleanup Tool

Active Directory clutter got you down? With this helpful, visual guide you receive step-by-step instructions for uncluttering unused services, users, and computer accounts from your company’s AD infrastructure.

Grab Bag of Goodies


The 5 Best Treats of iOS 11!

What are the greatest takeaways from Apple’s latest software update? Community Apple expert, Justin Pierce, dives into his 5 favorite new features that can greatly improve a user’s tech lifestyle. Check them out in his recap of the iOS 11 release.

All Things VMware with Andrew Hancock 

It’s been a busy couple months for VMware at Experts Exchange. To further explore this piece of technology—its evolution, its future, and how to focus a career on it—we spoke with community member and VMware expert, Andrew Hancock.

6 Top Tech Discoveries at Microsoft Ignite

Orlando officials and Microsoft worked together to keep the much-anticipated tradeshow on schedule as expected. The turnout was fantastic, the energy was vibrant, and we found some fantastic must-have products.

Tech or Treat

What is your scariest tech experience and how did you solve it? Participate in our Tech or Treat concert to tell us your tale and be entered to win amazing prizes!

Experts Give Back

Our generous community donated toward hurricane relief efforts in an amount totaling $3,000. We partnered with CompTIA to triple the donation.

How Technology Solved a DNA Mystery 

Image reaching middle age before learning you were adopted. That’s just what happened to our resident Marketo guru’s father. Read how technology helped in their quest to uncover his roots.

Curiosity Favors Those in Tech


How Data Encryption Works 

Data Encryption—what is it, and what does it do? Check out this informational guide to better understand how data encryption works and why it’s important for protecting your personal data.

Why UX Sessions Don’t Work?

Ever heard the saying “too many cooks in the kitchen”? When it comes to designing and implementing UX sessions, that phrase often rings true, for stakeholders and designers may often be on different pages.

Visual Marketing Strategies that Work

Imagery is a strong tool of persuasion in the arsenal of an advertiser and marketer, but not all imagery is created equal. In this helpful article, member Jasmine Williams provides great information on what visual tactics work best in campaigns and why.

Do not be afraid of BSOD 

BSOD, also known as the Blue Screen of Death, is a common looming threat in the life of a Windows user. While it can feel debilitating, it doesn’t have to be. Read this article to learn how to mitigate this problem.

Tricky New Updates

Top 5 Posts

  1. New to EE? Make an introduction. — Terri Anderson
  2. Iphone X: How much it costs. — Kristin Mehiel
  3. Equifax Hack: Is Marketo at Risk? No. — Nichole LaRue
  4. macOS High Sierra: How to prep for upgrade and installation. — Justin Pierce
  5. Microsoft 70-346 Exam: Need some helpful flash cards? — David Atkin  

New Featured Partners


Need a product that uses identity information for access while also enforcing strong security protection? Check out Okta.

Coming Soon

Cloudberry Webinar

Are you ready for the disaster of a ransomware attack? Prepare today with a recovery plan. CloudBerry Lab will show us how to create a disaster-proof recovery plan that will save time, money, and tears.

Nimble Storage Webinar

Storing data in the cloud? You’re ahead of the curve! Did you also know that multicloud storage is a vital part of cloud storage options? Nimble Storage teaches us how to explore multicloud options in cloud migration plans.


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Experts ExchangeThe Original Technology Community.
The original technology community.

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