Network Scan issues with Canon/Brother printer

Unable to change the program that handles the scan event from a network attached Canon/Brother printer/scanner. This means you'll always have to choose which program handles this action, e.g. ControlCenter4 (in the case of a Brother).

Event Registration Failed...The attempt to change the register event handler failed. Please make sure the device is turned on and connected properly.

WARNING: These instructions are written for someone familiar with using RegEdit and the registry in general.  If you are not, have someone familiar with registry settings carry out the steps for you.

The instructions were written for a Windows 7 computer, but should work for other versions as well.

The Problem

I can't for some reason change the program that handle scan events. Here's what happens when i try...

I click Control Panel, Scanners and Cameras, double click WIA Canon MP600 or Brother MFC-L8600CDW LAN or other network scanner device.

I select the Events Tab, with the 'Select an event' drop down, choose the 'Scan/File Button' or the 'Scan/Image Button'.

Under Actions, choose the 'Start this program:' drop down and (as an example) ControlCenter4.

Click 'OK' and you get the error:

Title: Event Registration Failed

Body: The attempt to change the register event handler failed. Please make sure the device is turned on and connected properly

The reason for the error is that the program cannot save the appropriate registry keys.  The change requires the program to create keys under existing keys and when that won't happen, you get this error.

Exactly 'why' this happens, I don't know.  I do know that using RegEdit, it can be fixed.  I have checked, as suggested by some posts on the net, to make sure there are appropriate permissions on the affected registry keys, and the permissions were correct.

The general solution 

Export the settings from a working computer and import them (after edits) to the non-working computer.

On the Working Computer:

1) Get this working on another computer (it's a somewhat rare problem) and select the program you want to use when the 'Scan' button is pressed.  If you can't and you have a Brother printer trying to use ControlCenter4, I've got an example of the registry settings below.

2) Once it working, open RegEdit on the working machine and navigate to the following key:


3) Once there, you'll see a number of keys called '0001', '0002', etc.  Click on each key and find the one where the 'DriverDesc' or 'FriendlyName' is the name of the scanner you're working with.

4) Once you've found the appropriate key, expand it and look at the 'Events' key.  In there, you'll see 4 different sub keys: 'ScanToEmail', 'ScanToFile', 'ScanToOcr' and 'ScanToSpApp'.

5) Expand one of those sub keys (ie. ScanToFile) and you'll see that there is a GUID named sub key such as:


The problem is that on the non-working machine, this sub key cannot be created by the application.

6) Export the 'Events' subkey and note where you put it (e.g. My Documents or Desktop).

On the Non-Working Machine:

7) Move the exported file above to the non-working machine.

8) Open regedit and navigate to the subkey mentioned in stap 2 above.

9) Again, following what's described in step 3 above, find the appropriate sub key (ie. '0001' or '0002' or whichever).

10) Using a text editor, modify the exported registry settings file and change the key exported:

FROM 0001, 0002, or whatever the name of the key was on the working machine

TO whatever key you find the printer on the non-working machine (0003, 0004, whatever).

11) Save the registry file.

12) In Regedit, make a backup of the whole registry or at least of the key:


13) Import the edited registry keys (from step 10 and 11 above).


If you check the setting for the scan button on the (formerly) non-working computer, you'll see it's now set correctly.

Example settings:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="Scan To E-mail - Button Press"

"Cmdline"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\ControlCenter4\\BrCcBoot.exe /StiDevice:%1 /StiEvent:%2"

@="Scan To File - Button Press"

"Cmdline"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\ControlCenter4\\BrCcBoot.exe /StiDevice:%1 /StiEvent:%2"

@="Scan To OCR - Button Press"

"Cmdline"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\ControlCenter4\\BrCcBoot.exe /StiDevice:%1 /StiEvent:%2"

@="Scan To Image - Button Press"

"Cmdline"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\ControlCenter4\\BrCcBoot.exe /StiDevice:%1 /StiEvent:%2"


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