Fix Error: unable to mount database. (hr=0x80004005, ec=1108)

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Experts in data recovery from corrupt Exchange mailboxes, SQL database, and Outlook emails.
Steps to fix “Unable to mount database. (hr=0x80004005, ec=1108)”.

Ever stuck with this error comprising “Unable to mount database. (hr=0x80004005, ec=1108)” The one of a kind Exchange server-not accessible error ensures that the Exchange doesn’t work even after trying soft recovery with Inbuilt Exchange utility including eseutil /r and eseutil /d.

These Exchange server error messages are simply not acceptable as these grill the Exchange Administrators. One such error displays as “unable to mount database. (hr=0x80004005, ec=1108)”. Troubleshooting for these errors does not yield any results and Exchange server simply refuses to budge. How should you fix such stubborn error?

Exchange may be facing dirty shutdown situation. Try the following commands in sequence to resolve the error and you should succeed:

When inbuilt utility Eseutil /r and Eseutil/d doesn’t yield favorable results, try to move checkpoint and logs to a temporary location and again try to mount the database. It should work with this proposition.

If not, then try to use eseutil  /p   and   then eseutil /mh to see the result. It should say "Dirty Shutdown"

Though it is not a hit-and-trial method to fix an Exchange server issue, you have to keep trying different combinations. 

The next step is a series of steps:

Steps to fix:

eseutil /mh *.edb
eseutil /p *.edb
eseutil /mh *.edb

Then move all the log files away from Exchange log folder:


To a log corrupted storage.  Mean that you need to specify the EDB (mailbox DB) file location:

In this scenario it was a combination of following steps:

eseutil /mh e:\MailBox\domain\mail.edb
eseutil /p e:\MailBox\domain\mail.edb

Note: Before moving the log files to the specific database you need to check if database has enough free space available. You need to extend the drive to accommodate the Exchange database and not let the server error hit again for want of space.

However, the above commands may resolve the dirty shut down error but the problem of database could not mount may persist.

Repeated efforts, lengthy commands, online help and Exchange Administrator efforts may not yield the right results.
The only way to resolve such undefeated errors is Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery software which resolves the problem of dismounted database.

Here’s how:

Recovers dismounted and offline EDB files: Since the software works on offline Exchange Database or EDB files, server shutdown problem doesn’t fit in this space. Corrupt EDB files will be scanned and repaired. All deleted and archived mailboxes are recovered and as the name suggests, mailbox exchange recovery is bound to be a huge success.

Exchange server consists of multiple EDB files and the best part of this software is that repairs large and multiple EDB files and retrieves these in your predefined format. You can choose to perform corrupt EDB to PST conversion or export database directly to Live Exchange server or to Office 365.

When there is need to retrieve few elements of EDB file, you simply have to select and save in PST, MSG, EML, HTML, RTF or PDF format.

Supports Most Exchange versions

Before any troubleshooting, you should be aware that Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery software supports most of the Exchange server version and these include MS Exchange Server 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 / 2000 & 5.5

Version compatibility enables Exchange Administrators to perform the troubleshooting with ease and successfully.

The Last Resort

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery software not only works when Exchange server displays the following error: “unable to mount database. (hr=0x80004005, ec=1108)” but also when the exchange server crashes or there is dirty shutdown error or the inbuilt utility commands do not perform to perfection or Exchange database fails to mount and similar other conditions. Admins can trust this software for in-Toto Exchange data recovery.  

How it works?

  1. Recovery software uses its robust scanning algorithms to search for recoverable items within the most corrupted files also. Scans and performs recovery and restores all components of mailbox into a new PST file. Even the accidently deleted or intentionally deleted mailboxes are recovered and Admins can save these files in MSG, EML, RTF, HTML or PDF format.
  2. PST file is Outlook importable file and can be imported to new mailbox for complete data recovery.
  3. For Exchange versions 2007 onwards, you can export recovered mailbox data directly to Live Exchange server smoothly and successfully.
  4. Scanned preview enables users to verify Mailbox data. Search for selected email items to verify that data is authentic. Preview enables selection of selective mailbox components for selected recovery.
  5. Supports conversion of Unicode EDB files for any language.
  6. Exports recovered data to Office 365 directly
  7. Out of the box Scan and Load information feature enables users to save the repaired file at a particular location and load this scan to save Exchange database.

Though Exchange inbuilt utility are able to fix Exchange database errors like unable to mount database. (hr=0x80004005, ec=1108), but if the problem persists even after troubleshooting, it is always better to use Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery software. It not only helps you repair the corrupt database but also enables complete recovery with direct export to Office 365 and Live Exchange server.

To summarize

Exchange Administrators should have a backup plan when the database is unable to mount and exchange backup is not available. Using inbuilt utilities is a good option but doesn’t suffice for time loss as the Exchange server goes down for long timeframe. It is a known fact that Exchange is crucial for organizational communications and communication-link should not be left dysfunctional for prolonged periods. Have an additional backup plan of Exchange recovery software for such irrecoverable situations.

Bharat BhushanSolution Manager
Experts in data recovery from corrupt Exchange mailboxes, SQL database, and Outlook emails.

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