November Newsletter: Give Thanks for Tech!

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The original technology community.
It’s a season to be thankful, and we’re thankful for users like you who engage on site, solve technology problems, and network with others in the industry. What tech are we most thankful for? Keep reading.

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Databases, Queries, Framework Sides

Programming Languages

Explore Bloom Filters

Tech workers spend a lot of time looking for needles in a haystack—or sometimes needles that doesn’t even exist. Learn how Bloom Filters can help you avoid unnecessary searches when data you’re looking for doesn’t actually exist. Get started today.

Tips for improving your OLTP query performance

Are queries a major part of your day-to-day operation? If so, this is a guide for you! Learn how to optimize query performance with regular maintenance and organization of your database. Read the article.

PHP and MySQL with MVC Frameworks

Want to create powerful, easily maintainable, and database-driven websites? Check out November’s new Course of the Month for lessons that dive into PHP, MySQL, and CakePHP MVC frameworks. There’s even a project at the end for hands-on learning. Enroll today.

Main Dish Accolades and Advancements

Experts and Women in Tech

Nominate The Most Valuable Expert

It’s that time of year—the Experts Exchange Awards are back, and we can’t wait to see who you nominate as this year’s Most Valuable Expert. Consider those on site who passionately and consistently share their knowledge with the community, and be ready to recommend them soon.

Gender Differences in Tech

One of our staff members attended a Startup Week Chattanooga discussion on gender diversity in the world of tech, with practical tips to encourage young women to go into tech and to add more women to the front lines of companies. Read the article.

Secure Treats


Cyber Security in a Cyber World

The Equifax breach reached far and wide, reminding us of the personal information we easily give to vendors and services alike. Check out this informational guide on recognizing cyber crime and how to protect your personal information and data against hackers. Read the tips here.

Tech or Treat Winner: The forensic investigation

Imagine being notified—while away from work—that your company machine has been hacked. Luckily for our Tech or Treat contest winner, he could remote in and shut down his computer... but he never did uncover the root cause of the worry. Check out the winning article.

Post-Meal Gaming


The Contribution of Cloud Computing for the Gaming Industry

The cloud has allowed us to make great improvements in many industries, like data storage, movies, and music. It’s also greatly enhanced the gaming industry. Member Oliver Jones highlights benefits of increased security, compatibility, reduced costs, and so much more! Read the article.

How Safe is iCloud?

If you sync all your information and photos to iCloud, you may occasionally wonder if this cloud server is truly a safe place for all your important data. Resident Mac expert, Justin Pierce, provides insight on exactly how Apple protects your data once you hand it over to them. Learn more here.

Dessert Data Reads and Speeds


Making USB Storage Read-Only Through Group Policy

If your company is bound by compliance or HIPAA, you need to prevent users from removing data from company offices through external hard drives. This step-by-step guide teaches you how to use group policy to mask this information for optimal security. Explore the guide.

Hard Drive vs RAM Drive Speed Comparisons

When it comes to drive speeds, there’s a big difference between what you expect and what you’ll actually get. With the new—and free—downloadable utility tool called Parkdale, users can easily test the performance and benchmark of any hard drive on their computer as well as RAM Disk speeds. Learn how to use Parkdale.

Leftover Formulas and Keywords

SEO and Science

How to Win a Jar of Candy Corn? 

Do you love math? Do you also love candy? If so, check out this scientific approach to figuring out how many pieces of candy corn are in the jar to meet any post-Halloween candy needs. Explore the winning strategy.

The importance of SEO

Some marketers and web developers wonder whether SEO is still relevant. With more than 644M active websites online today, it may be more important than ever to invest in quality SEO practices. Learn more.

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Top 5 Posts/Questions

  1. Security Key: Advanced protection for your personal Gmail. - Lucas Bishop
  2. Tech Spooks: What business owners worry about. - Randy Redberg
  3. PhantomjsBug: Fix fonts on Linux for HTML to PDF conversions. - Phil Phillips
  4. Before BIOS?: Dive into the true history of PC Framework. - quald
  5. Krack Attack: Security advice for Mac users. - Justin Pierce

Coming Soon

Skyport Webinar 

As more and more applications move toward cloud hosting, the level of security found in our firewall diminishes. So how do we keep our data and architecture safe? Register for this month’s webinar and learn how to make enterprises “cloud ready”.

Team Updates

Congrats, Runners!

Several members of our team completed the 22nd annual City to Sea Half Marathon last month. Go tEEm!

The Great Halloween Roll

Experts Exchange got into the Halloween spirit with a company-wide pumpkin roll. Costumes were mandatory.

Experts ExchangeThe Original Technology Community.
The original technology community.

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