Make It Better Update:  Media Temple Grid

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This installment of Make It Better gives Media Temple customers the latest news, plugins, and tutorials to make their Grid shared hosting experience that much smoother.

See below for the latest in Media Temple's Grid shared hosting news:

Troubleshooting SSH Keys
This great Community article can show you how to configure SSH keys on your server

PHP 7.1 RC2 Features
The PHP 7.1 Release Candidate 2 is out. Here’s a list of features.

Drupal vs. Native Apps
Drupal is a powerful CMS for web apps. But can it outdo native apps as well?

Koken Updates
Koken got a slew of performance updates this month.

Maximizing Your CMS
Here are four tips for maximizing your CMS on shared hosting

DNS Previews and Testing
There are a few different ways to preview your site before DNS resolves it to your server.

For more tips, visit Media Temple's Support Community.

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