Copy and Paste into Project Web Access(PWA) dropdown list

Currently, there is an issue with being able to copy values from an external application to a dropdown list in Project Web Access (PWA).  The standard copy and paste methods don't seem to work properly.

Here is a way to accomplish this task to simplify your life.

As many experienced Microsoft Project Professional users have noticed, there is an issue if you try to copy and Paste values from an application such as Excel to Project Web Access (PWA)  I too have fought with this issue.

If you're creating a new list, there is a simple way that is published on many other sites, and that is to create the list in a local field, where copy and paste are allowed, then import into PWA.

However, if you are trying to update values within an existing list, it can be more problematic.

There is a way to copy and paste one or many values into the lists, which will eliminate fat fingered typing errors, thereby improve accuracy of data entry 

The first step is to have the values you need in excel.  I have not tested comma delimited values in TextPad or other apps at the time of this writing.

Next find or define the drop-down box that you would like to paste into, below I have selected one from our environment and scrolled down the list to some blank lines.  this is the place where I will do the insert

Copying one cell, as shown before will not work properly.  This is the value most people want, therefore they perform the obvious copy function

You MUST select 2 cells.  I am not quite sure why this works, but I am very happy to have found it.

Select where you want it inserted and CTRL+V to paste, as you can see, one value has been placed in the dropdown list,  the only thing left to do is to adjust the indentation to the desired level.

If you are copying more then one cell, you can select the entire list and paste it all at once.  Notice this time I am selecting multiple cells vertically.  Again this does work as more than one cell is selected.  I don't need to select a corresponding cell in column "B" for each selected value in column "A"

Again select where you want to paste the values and hit CTRL+V and the values will be entered as before. Indentation will again need to be adjusted.

I hope this helps everyone to accurately enter values into the dropdown boxes without having the frustration of typing every value manually.


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