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Bharat BhushanSolution Manager
Experts in data recovery from corrupt Exchange mailboxes, SQL database, and Outlook emails.
MSSQL DB-maintenance also needs implementation of multiple activities. However, unprecedented errors can hamper the database management. In that case, deploying Stellar SQL Database Toolkit ensures fast and accurate database and backup repair as well as instant password recovery. 

Whenever there is SQL Database setup in an organization, there has to be an initial draft and SQL-Admins must follow the suggested plan of action to conclude all maintenance activities with perfection. This plan of action also includes effective maintenance of database production. Let’s have a look at the key areas that should always be addressed for database maintenance:

  1. Manage Database and Transaction files
  2. Try to eliminate Index Fragmentation
  3. Ensure that data-stats are accurate and updated
  4. Detect corrupt pages in Database
  5. Configure a well-monitored backup strategy
  6. Deploy the reliable Stellar SQL Database Toolkit


Let’s further explain each point in detail. DBA Administrators and users should work to manage the settings related to maintenance and backup to minimize database corruption.

But what if the database gets corrupt even after performing all the relevant steps for maintenance and backup?

In that case, Stellar SQL Database Toolkit as a perfect backup plan comes to the rescue. It is an integration of three software:

  • Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair
  • Stellar Phoenix SQL Backup Recovery
  • Stellar Phoenix SQL Password Recovery

Stellar SQL Database Toolkit

Let’s check how this Toolkit ensures MSSQL Database Recovery:

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair Software

Repairs corrupt and damaged SQL Database

When SQL database is hit with corruption, MDF and NDF files are rendered inaccessible. Database repair software which is the most crucial component of Stellar’s SQL Database toolkit repairs corrupt MDF and NDF files. Also, recovers deleted records and save the scanned database files automatically. Some of the reasons that are responsible for database corruption include:

  1. Hardware Problem
    • Bug in SQL server
    • Unexpected system shutdown
  2. Operating System malfunction
  3. Application crash
  4. Virus attack

SQL recovery tool scans the entire SQL database and repairs the bit pattern to remove corruption and enable consistency in the database. 

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair

Stellar Phoenix SQL Backup Recovery

Fixes inconsistencies in damaged SQL database backup


Importance of backup is known to all DBA. If there is corruption in MDF file, then the SQL database can be recovered through SQL Database backup. However, sometimes .bak file also gets corrupt and user is unable to restore the database, as experienced in following cases: 

  1. Backup file gets corrupt due to corruption in MDF file
  2. Unexpected system shutdown


Stellar Phoenix SQL Backup Recovery software is available as part of Stellar SQL Database Toolkit. This software recovers individual objects in SQL database and saves the recovered objects to a new database file at default location or any user-specified location. Subsequently, SQL database can be restored using SQL Database Management Studio.

Stellar Phoenix SQL Backup Recovery

Stellar Phoenix SQL Password Recovery

Enables new Password setup


Password loss is a quite plausible when the disaster situation strikes. SQL Database password recovery is possible with the unique software component of Stellar SQL Database Toolkit. Stellar Phoenix SQL password recovery is a handy password recovery tool to change or reset the lost SQL server password.

Password recovery software does not ask for the old password instead it promotes setting up the new password, reconfirm new password and login to SQL database with this newly set password.


 Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Toolkit is an all-in-one software toolkit designed to fix the problems faced by SQL Database Admins and is loaded with three unique software tools which enable user to repair database, repair backup file and set a new password.

Toolkit Features at a glance:

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair

  • Repairs the corrupt MDF and NDF files of SQL Server Database.
  • Recovers Tables, Triggers, Indexes, Keys, Rules, Stored Procedures and defaults along with deleted records
  • Supports all SQL version including the SQL Server 2016 version

Stellar Phoenix SQL Backup Recovery

  • Ensures recovery of database backup file for successful SQL database recovery
  • Ensures recovery of Full, Differential and Transactional backups
  • Swift recovery of damaged .bak file

Stellar Phoenix SQL Password Recovery

  • Recovers password for System Admin and users
  • Recovers password for SQL Database Users
  • Supports SQL Server 2012 and earlier

Resolution steps for SQL Database Repair with Stellar SQL Database Toolkit:

SQL Database Repair
SQL Backup Recovery
SQL Password Recovery
  1. Install and run the Toolkit
  2. Click on SQL Database Repair
  3. Select MDF file that needs to be repaired and click on Scan
  4. Check the available preview
  5. Select Save-format – MSSQL, CSV, HTML, XLS
  6. Click OK to save the repaired database as New or Live Database

  1. Select MS SQL Backup file and click on Scan
  2. Select the type of backup – Full or differential
  3. Browse and select location to save backup file and click on Save
  4. SQL backup file saved successfully
  5. Restore SQL database with SQL Database management Studio

  1. Select the database for which you need to recover the password
  2. Select user for which password needs to be changed
  3. Click on Change password
  4. Type in new password and confirm password
  5. Click on Ok after the password saved successfully message is displayed on the screen.

To summarize

Data is big and grows every moment. It’s complex and unstructured and a major headache for SQL Administrator but database management is never a pain point if an exact cure is known.  Stellar SQL Database Toolkit, the All-in-one database management solution is a consolidation of comprehensive software to remove data-hassles and convert them into golden opportunities thus ensuring recovery in all critical situations including SQL server database corruption, inaccessible SQL backup file and lost SQL password.

Bharat BhushanSolution Manager
Experts in data recovery from corrupt Exchange mailboxes, SQL database, and Outlook emails.

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