How CPAs can Make a Pool of Right Apps for Boosting Their Business

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Choosing the right mix of apps is very much necessary for CPAs for making the most of the latest technology through which they can boost their growth.

In this modern era of advanced technology, accounting professionals have got the opportunity to enhance their way of working by using a productivity-boosting app which not only increases their productivity, but it also makes them more effective, quick, accurate and up to date. Those days are gone when accounting professionals have to sit for hours so that they can prepare a single accounting report which might include some minor or major errors also.

But the availability of so many apps creates a type of challenge for CPAs also, the challenge of creating the pool of right apps for boosting their business. If you are a CPA or working with a small business then managing their accounts, finance, and business processes through the right mix of apps is very much necessary.

In this blog post, we will look at some practices which can be adopted by CPAs for creating a pool of right apps for boosting their business.

Analyze your needs and Scan the availability

Now there are numerous apps available in the market and you have an app for each and every process of your business which can make your day to day task and even long future planning, easy and accurate. But the main question which arises here is which app do you need? You should first analyze the situation of your firm, its needs, clients, size, future expectation and then after analyzing the situation of your firm, you will be able to choose a better mix of apps.


For example, if your clients include only SMEs then you can go for apps like QuickBooks, MYOB, Xero and other similar solutions that provide online hosting.

There are a couple of questions which you can ask yourself before choosing an app, like whether I and my clients will be able to work on this app or not? Does this app offer scalability for my future growth and increasing needs? What are the major problems which this app can solve for me and my client?

Unleash the power of cloud

From huge piles of papers to accounting software and from accounting software on the local desktop to cloud hosting. This journey for accounting professionals has brought the most drastic change in their way of working. Now with most of the apps on the cloud, people are able to spend less time on their accounting tasks and concentrate on better productivity.


The major benefits of using the cloud-hosted accounting are it gives you limitless flexibility and enhances the collaboration between employees through anywhere, anytime accessibility. Therefore, you should always look for the apps which can be easily hosted in the cloud and you should create a pool of not only the best apps but of the best cloud-hosted apps as well. Like, you can opt for my favorite hosted solution, QuickBooks in the cloud.

Write reviews

This practice is very much useful for your colleagues to pick up the right app at the right time. If you like some app and it proves to be useful for you then, never forget to mention a review about it, so that the developers can help others who face the same task. You can also write some reviews about the bugs and errors of the apps so that the developers can improve it in their next launch.

The quality of your work matters more than its quantity and the same goes for accountants while using the numerous apps. Only using numerous apps doesn’t give you the right benefit of the latest technology to your firm but using the right pool of apps allows you to unleash the real power of the latest technology. Follow the above-mentioned practices and make the most of the latest apps for your firm.

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