December Newsletter: Our Gifts For You

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This holiday season, we’re giving away the gift of knowledge—tech knowledge, that is. Keep reading to see what hacks, tips, and trends we have wrapped and waiting for you under the tree.

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Have a Holly Jolly How-To Guide

SysAdmin Gifts

Seamless Cloud Migration

Migrating company data to the cloud is no easy undertaking. The process often comes with risks and snags. Learn how to avoid missteps and execute a seamless AWS Migration from our Director of DevOps.

Adjust Active Directory FSMO Roles

Need to split roles between two admins or move access from one admin to another? Member and expert Shaun Hardneck shows you how in this comprehensive guide—complete with pictures.

Bring Back Picture Manager

Miss having Microsoft Office Picture Manager in Office 2016 or Office 365? Have no fear! Resident Microsoft expert Joe Winograd provides step-by-step instruction for installing it into your latest Office.

We Wish You a Merry Digital Season

Developer Gifts

Prep Your Website in 5 Steps

Did your site survive Black Friday traffic? Lexi Lu provides a list of best practices for making your site agile and eye-catching during the busiest time of the year. View her steps here.

Mobile App Trends to Watch

As customers take more of an active role in asking for what what they want in mobile apps, Sean Lockwood has given us a glimpse at the seven key mobile trends to look for in the new year. Check out his list.

Rockin’ Around the Coding Tree

Coder and Analyst Gifts

How to Write Scalable Code

One of the biggest mistakes made when developing new websites is not allowing room in the code for a massive growth in traffic. PHP expert David Foster shows us how to build adaptable, scalable code. Learn how.

R Programming: The Language of the Future

For expert James Cochrane, it took time to warm up to R Programming. Once he did, he found himself using it for everything. Find out why this is the new language to learn.

All I Want is Optimization

MarTech Gifts

Manage Internal SEO Linking

SEO, that technical marketing beast that can be tough to wrangle in-house, leads many companies to outsource its day-to-day management. But it’s possible to plan and execute strategic internal linking on your own. Check out expert Bryr de Gray’s guide.

Streamline Social Media Marketing 

Social sharing platforms make social media marketing easier and more time efficient. Not all platforms, however, are created equal. Check out marketer Allie Watt’s comprehensive guide evaluating the top free social sharing platforms out there today.

Carol of the Winners

Expert Exchange Stocking Stuffers

Meet Past Scholarship Winners

Wonder how the Experts Exchange Scholarship Contest helps aspiring tech professionals? Check out what past winners have accomplished.

On the 5th Day of Tech News

Top 5 Posts

  1. Congrats David: Passed the 70-347 exam. - David Atkin
  2. The Global Cyber Alliance: New release of malware DNS. - Lee W., MVP
  3. Mac Security Update: Secure admin access. - Justin Pierce
  4. Android N Encryption: A look at the limitations. - Jackie Man
  5. USB Microscope: Tech tool used to find another tech tool. - Thomas Zucker-Scharff

AlgoSec: A Holiday Welcome

Want to learn how to apply a business-driven approach to your enterprise’s network security policy management? Meet AlgoSec and see how they can align your internal security with business processes.

High School Senior Creates His First Course

Everyday tech users can benefit from this introductory course to C++ programming, created by a high school senior. Register now.

Master Outlook Troubleshooting

Learn how to prepare, repair, and learn Outlook in a 360 view in record time. Sign up for the course here.

Develop a Cloud-first Strategy

Making the move toward a cloud and mobile-first environment? Join us next week to learn how to tackle securing users, applications, data, and devices in the process. Register now.

Experts Exchange Scholarship Deadline

The deadline for the Experts Exchange Scholarship Contest is fast approaching! If you or someone you know is studying tech and is in need of scholarship funds, share this article.

Don’t Forget! Vote for Your Favorite Expert

It’s time to recognize the experts who go above and beyond with helpful solutions and engagement on site. Choose your favorite expert here or on the right rail of your favorite topic page. Nomination deadlines are December 31st. Vote now.

Experts ExchangeThe Original Technology Community.
The original technology community.

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