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Resolving Exchange Error 1216 JET_errAttachedDatabaseMismatch

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Bharat Bhushan
Experts in data recovery from corrupt Exchange mailboxes, SQL database, and Outlook emails.
Among the most obnoxious of Exchange errors is error 1216 – Attached Database Mismatch error of the Jet Database Engine. When faced with this error, users may have to suffer from mailbox inaccessibility and in worst situations, permanent data loss.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery emerges as the sure-shot solution to this and many other Exchange Jet errors.

Microsoft Jet Database Engine is a critical internal component of the Exchange database whose proper functioning is vital to keep the server running smoothly. Problems like dirty shutdown state of the database or EDB file corruption can cause the Jet engine to fault leading to bigger issues like mailbox inaccessibility and even data loss. Thus, if Exchange users face Jet errors, they should assume that the Exchange database is either in dirty shutdown state or corrupted and should take immediate remedial actions to restore the database to avoid worsening the damage.

Jet engine errors are mostly recognized through numerical error codes which usually depict what has caused that particular error. Depending upon the cause of the error, the right solution is devised. Herein, we’re focusing on the Jet error 1216 JET_errAttachedDatabaseMismatch.

Jet Error 1216 JET_errAttachedDatabaseMismatch

In some cases of EDB file corruption or Exchange dirty shutdown, methods like soft recovery can fail to fix the damage and instead, fail with the error code 1216 JET_errAttachedDatabaseMismatch. The following list includes all possible reasons that may trigger this occurrence:

  • Wrong assessment of header information in log files
  • Deleted Exchange system files
  • EDB file corruption
  • Network problems

In addition to halting your work, the above mentioned error might eventually cause the database to fail to mount. Thus, the only way to prevent complete inaccessibility of mailbox data is to resolve this error at the earliest.

How to resolve the error?

To resolve this error first ensure compliance to the following:

  • Take a proper backup of all database and log files in their current state
  • Ensure that all log files associated with the database are present

Following the below mentioned tricks should help you resolve the error without any trouble. But please remember to proceed to the next fix only when you’ve tried the previous one and failed.

  • Move all consistent logs to another folder and then try to mount the database
  • Restore the database from a recent relevant backup
  • Perform a hard recovery on the database using the following steps:
  • 1. Execute the command eseutil /p (Note: Using this command can result in major data loss. The eseutil repair mode (/p) finds errors within Exchange database pages and tries to fix them. The pages which cannot be fixed are discarded. Please use this method only as a last resort.)
  • 2. One the database has been repaired with eseutil /p, defragment it using the command eseutil /d.
  • 3. Finally, execute the isinteg –fix command to repair database consistency.
  • If you’ve tried all of the above tricks but failed to get rid of the error, the only option left is to use reliable third-party software to repair EDB files. Discover the best EDB file repair software in the next section.

The recommended solution

When everything else fails, resorting to trustworthy and risk-free third-party automated software is suggested. Our top pick for the most competent EDB file repair tool is Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery. This software is powered by advanced scanning and repair algorithms that can detect and fix the severest of corruption within Exchange database files. The product can efficiently repair offline as well as dismounted EDB files and that too, multiple files simultaneously. What’s more, it comes with a fully interactive GUI which makes it easy for all kinds of home users to operate it too. Compatible with many Exchange versions and easy to install, this product is your best bet to recover EDB file data when errors strike.


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