My Wireless mouse saga

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Thomas Zucker-Scharff
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For years I have put up with a wireless mouse that consistently disappears or is non-responsive.  This is the story of how I discovered it wasn't really the mouse!

Approximately 5 years ago I decided to use a Microsoft arc mouse with my work computer.  I ended up buying the mouse at the Microsoft store, because it was just easier than going the the various steps I would need to in order to purchase it through work.  I stopped by the MS store near me and just picked one up (they were happy to take my money).  As you can see in the introduction image the mouse comes with a receiver you just plug into your computer.  It is extremely easy to use, so I was surprised when it pulled its disappearing act the first time.  It was easy to find it again, just wiggle the mouse back and forth until it showed up, but I could never figure out why it was doing that.  While investigating the problem, I did end up googling it (yeah that is unfortunately a word) with this result.  Most of the hits are concerned with bluetooth connectivity after the Windows 10 Creator's Update.  This may have had something to do with my problem, but considering that I had this problem since before windows 10 came out (I started having it in Windows 7), I don't believe that is the total answer.

Turn the clock forward to December of 2017.  I got the go ahead to order a bunch of things I had seen as necessities. One of those was wireless keyboards/mice for the administrative office (I'm tired of dealing with the cabling).  So I ordered the Microsoft keyboard and mouse combo 3050 in bulk.  

When they arrived, I didn't want to test them on someone else, so I set one up for myself.  Both the keyboard and mouse worked well (they required a free download of Microsoft keyboard and mouse utility software in order to get full functionality out of them).

Then it started happening again.  The mouse would disappear and I would have to wiggle it around to find it again.  Worse yet, I couldn't be very exacting with it, because there seemed to be a delay in reaction time as well.    At the same time I saw this question and started following its thread.  If you looked at my comment at the bottom of the thread, you will see that the solution to the problem I was having with several wireless mice over nearly a decade, ended up being a mouse pad!  A nice low tech solution. I should mention that one of my favorite tools is an unbent paperclip - great for popping out recalcitrant CD/DVD drives among other things.

My Takeaway:

I am using the combo right now while I am writing this article.  It is not quite as good as the wired counterparts, but almost.  The issue with non-responsiveness has gone away, for the most part, with the introduction of a mouse pad.

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