ITIL Foundation: The Importance of This Framework Knowledge

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When it comes to a career in IT service management, there are a few necessary learning blocks along the way. ITIL Foundation is one of them. Here's why.

ITIL, also known as the IT Infrastructure Library, is the basic framework used to deliver IT services to customers, whether those customers lie in house or outside the company. First developed in the ’80s, the initial plan of ITIL was to gather best practices in an increasingly dependent IT world for improved efficiency and streamlined processes across departments. Volumes were later released to both public and private organizations.

Since then, ITIL has reached a point of mass consumption and universal understanding. Knowledge of this framework makes IT employees more versatile in their skills, both for company projects and in personal career goals.

While IT service management roles and tasks vary, they all draw from this basic framework. That makes this course beneficial to everyone from CIOs and IT managers to system analysts and support teams. ITIL Foundation offers an introduction to the language, processes, and standards used by most IT departments, and provides the tools individuals need to successfully adapt to different teams and industries.

The Foundation-level of understanding (and its subsequent certification from the Foundation exam) is only the beginning of the ITIL education journey—but it is the most important step. From there, participants can build upon their knowledge for more specialized expertise and advanced career opportunities. The ITIL Foundation can help employees manage risk, handle customer relations, evaluate cost, and prepare for scalability.

Typically brought to you in a series of books and courses, this month’s ITIL Foundation course is digital, making it easy to digest and access from anywhere—without lugging around books and study guides. Subject matter is focused on ITIL v3, which is the most recent version. It dives into business and IT integration topics.

Upon completion of the course, you will have a basic understanding of IT best practices, including:

1. Overview knowledge of the ITIL® 2011 qualification scheme
2. Ability to explain the best practices of Service Management
3. Understanding of the Service Lifecycle
4. Key principles and models of ITIL® 2011
5. Definitions of generic concepts in ITIL® 2011
6. Processes, roles and functions in ITIL® 2011
7. Use of technology with ITIL® 2011
8. Skills to prep for your ITIL® 2011 foundation exam

Individuals in all stages of an IT career can benefit from this course. Whether you’re many years into your IT service management career or are hoping to join the ranks of IT professionals in the near future, an ITIL Foundation course can help you migrate easily toward your next promotion, start your career with a solid background in techniques and best practices, and even prep yourself for the foundation exam.

Ready to kick-start your career? Enroll in this month’s ITIL Foundation course here.

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