Error Solved: Exchange Server Jet Error Code 1601 & 1605

Bharat BhushanSolution Manager
Experts in data recovery from corrupt Exchange mailboxes, SQL database, and Outlook emails.
Microsoft Jet database engine errors can crop up out of nowhere to disrupt the working of the Exchange server. Decoding why a particular error occurs goes a long way in determining the right solution for it.

When all traditional solutions fail, Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery emerges as the ultimate solution to Exchange Jet database engine errors.

The backbone of many organizations, Exchange has become indispensable in today’s world. It plays the part of the storehouse of business information, documents, contracts, etc. and also serves as the platform for all communication that goes on within the organization. One the most crucial underlying parts of Microsoft Exchange database is the Jet database engine which is described as “a collection of information stored on a computer in a systematic way”. Since the engine is critical to Exchange operations, naturally if problems arise within it, the entire working of the Exchange database can go kaput. Additionally, errors within the Jet database engine can give rise to more complicated troubles like EDB file corruption. Thus, if faced with errors of the Jet database engine, ensure you resolve them before they can worsen the damage.

In this post, we’re highlight two Jet errors – 1601 and 1605. Resolving them isn’t a very simple task, but it isn’t very complicated either. And we always recommend that to start resolving errors, focusing on their root cause is the best strategy. Thus, let us find out why these errors occur and then move on to some easy solutions.

Root causes of Exchange Server Jet Error 1601

This error can occur due to the following reasons:

  • Most Exchange users are aware of the ESEUTIL tool for repairing EDB and STM files. But did you know that version incompatibilities between this tool and your EDB files being repaired can trigger Exchange Server Jet error 1601?
  • Severe corruption in EDB files can also trigger this error.

Root causes of Exchange Server Jet Error 1605

When the ESEUTIL tool performs EDB repair improperly, particularly when it rebuilds the Exchange database’s B-tree structure in the wrong way, the Exchange Server Jet error 1605 is thrown.

Strange how something like ESEUTIL, an inbuilt EDB repair tool from Microsoft, which is meant to get rid of errors can be the cause of severe errors itself!

How to resolve these errors?

Generally, resolving Exchange errors is something ESEUTIL is a pro at. But as already described above, the very cause of Jet error codes 1601 and 1605 is ESEUTIL; thus, it cannot be expected to fix these errors. To resolve both these errors, therefore, you need to resort to one of the following solutions:

  • Check if your Exchange installation is up to date. If not, install the most recently released service pack applicable to your version of Exchange. Now check if the errors disappear.
  • If that doesn’t work, restore your EDB files from a recent updated backup. Backup restoration is one of the safest and the most risk-free method of bringing Exchange database back online if it has suffered problems. So always keep an updated relevant Exchange backup at hand.
  • If you’re Exchange database is up to date and you don’t have a recent relevant backup to restore from, there’s not much else you can do except use a third-party tool to repair your corrupted Exchange database files. Read on to discover our top pick for EDB file repair software.

The most recommended solution

When nothing else works, there’s only one name you can trust to revive a failed Exchange server – Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery. This software has been helping thousands of Exchange administrators overcome issues related to EDB file damage and corruption for years. Key features like the capability to restore offline and dismounted EDB files, repair large and multiple EDB files simultaneously, export recovered mailboxes to Office 365 and Live Exchange, etc., make this software the product of choice for over a million users worldwide.

Using a convenient 3-step process – scan, preview, and repair – this software makes sure you don’t have to suffer the consequences of failed Exchange. Plus, it comes laced with a fully interactive GUI which makes operating it extremely easy.

Wrapping it up

When faced with Exchange Jet engine errors like the ones discussed in this post, manual methods usually fail to deliver the desired results. The wise choice therefore is to not waste time and effort on futile hit and trials and straightaway use trustworthy third-party software Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery to bring the server back online.

Bharat BhushanSolution Manager
Experts in data recovery from corrupt Exchange mailboxes, SQL database, and Outlook emails.

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