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Google webmaster tool or Google search console is an imperative tool for solving different website relevant issues. The amazing features of this tool greatly help to check the indexing and improve the visibility of the site.

Google webmaster tool or Google search console is an imperative tool for solving different website issues. The amazing features of this tool can greatly help to check the indexing and improve the visibility of a site. This tool basically identifies the problems Google faces when indexing your website, so monitor your website and make changes to fit any requirements. It's not wise to ignore using this tool as it means losing potential visitors to your site.

Ed: (Link to Google Search Console  You will need to be logged in to your Google account.)

In this article, you will get to know about the ways which will improve your website from various aspects.


Include a sitemap to ensure Google knows about your website:

The foremost step is helping Google know about the content of your website, either written or visual. For this, add a sitemap to allow Google to index your pages. You can use WordPress plugins for creating a sitemap.

Site mapping of videos enables Google to index your pages that have a video, instead of redirecting visitors to other sites. Once your sitemap is created, open your website profile on the webmaster tool and enter the file name of your sitemap in the box given. Stats will be shown to you after few days of submission.


Increase the traffic to your posts and blogs:

Among the many features of Google webmaster tools, one of them is the section that shows the traffic visiting your website using certain keywords. It also displays the current position of that keyword. You can think of strategies needed to improve the keywords and get better results.

This feature majorly focuses on the keywords, usage of these keywords, and position in the search results.


HTML and 404 errors:

This tool reports the HTML errors that creates a barrier in the indexing of your website. Resolving this issue can increase the traffic to your website. 404 is probably the most seen page if you're stuck between spammy websites. Showing this ‘404’ number on your website will badly affect it. When people can not find your website, they may consider you as unauthentic.

The Crawl error feature will show these errors on your website. Causes of such errors may be due to a mistyped URL, the absence of redirect pages and other related website errors. Correcting these will help you grow your audience.


Identify bad links and remove them:

It will be not pleasing to you if your website is penalized by the search engine or you get a warning for bad links. Link building provides many benefits but spammy links, paid links and others can lead to the banning of the website by the search engine. 

The good news is you can detect those unnatural links using the webmaster tool. Delete the links that are damaging the traffic flow to your website. Complying with the guidelines of Google Search can result in bringing you additional visitors.


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