Dropbox : Review on One of the Best Cloud Storage & Suggestions to be Improved in 2018

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This blog will spread awareness about Dropbox. We have given the statements based upon our experience. Along with this, there is a section of some new plans that should be added in Dropbox this year. This will make the storage service enhanced from the existing one and help in better business usage.

Dropbox is one of the top five cloud storage service providers of the world. It also provides services like file sharing, backup solution, file synchronization, etc. The popularity of Dropbox has been fuelled by worldwide concern over data loss and data security. People use Dropbox as a backup solution so that if their laptops crash or phones get lost, their data will remain secure. With a number of hacking incidents in cloud-based platforms, the question arises, can Dropbox be used as a backup solution in 2018? Let us try to find the answer through this writing. 

Highlighted Features of Dropbox

There are a number of reasons at work behind the immense popularity of Dropbox as a sharing and backup solution/service provider. We have picked some of the features that helped Dropbox to gain popularity.

  • Completely Free: The first reason behind the popularity of Dropbox is that it is free of cost. Users can store up to 2 GB data without any payment. Storage limit can be increased by using some referral tricks.

  • Convenient to Use: People always have a tendency to opt for easy methods. Dropbox became popular as a backup solution service because it is easy to use. Even people with little technical knowledge can use Dropbox.

  • Worldwide Accessibility: Dropbox as a backup solution service is known for its accessibility. Dropbox users can access their files stored in Dropbox from anywhere in the world by using their login credentials.

  • Easy yet Advanced File Sharing: Dropbox not only stores your data, but also provides file sharing facilities. File sharing via Dropbox is easy, while its advanced features help you determine who can view and edit your files.

  • Multi-Device Synchronizing: Dropbox users can synchronize all their devices with their Dropbox account. Data from all the devices will be automatically synchronized to the Dropbox account of the user.

  • Safeguard Data: You may use Dropbox as backup solution for your files. If that data gets lost or deleted from the devices, files stored in Dropbox can be downloaded and used as backup copy.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Dropbox can be used on all platforms. Be it Windows, Linux, Mac OS, or Android, all platform users can use Dropbox as a backup tool of their data.

Features That Will Make Dropbox Better in 2018

Though Dropbox has got a number of amazing features in its bag, it does not provide a few of the offerings which are available from other cloud solution providers like Google Drive and iCloud. Here are some of the features that will make Dropbox great, if added in 2018.

  • More Data Storage: Currently, Dropbox offers only 2 GB of storage space for free. This amount is quite small compared to the amount of data we have to deal with every day. Even Google Drive offers 15 GB storage for free. If Dropbox increases its storage limit from 2 GB, it will become more popular.

  • Introduces More Paid Options: Dropbox users can upgrade their plan to Dropbox Pro with 1 TB storage at the cost of 9.99$/month. For teams, Dropbox again offers only one paid package. Dropbox needs to offer more packages in 2018 to attract more business users.

  • Multiple Folder Synchronizing: Dropbox has yet to offer this facility of synchronizing multiple folders that are outside the Dropbox directory. Introducing this feature in 2018 will surely make it more convenient for the users.

  • Storage Sharing with Family Members: Users cannot share their storage space with family members in Dropbox. Adding this facility will bring them one step closer to its competitors.

  • Support for DRM and Encryption at Rest: To accelerate its position as a secured storage, Dropbox can introduce Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Encryption at Rest facilities. The files at rest mode are encrypted with 256-bit advance encryption standard. It uses SSL / TLS for data protection during the transmission time between Dropbox apps and the server.

Using Dropbox: Are You Safe?

In a security statement, Dropbox authorities claimed that they use the latest tools and technologies to secure data stored in Dropbox. However, we must not forget that storing data in any third-party governed server is never completely secured. These reasons make data stored in any cloud-based platform risky and unsecured:

  • It is not unusual for the hackers to get hold of cloud data
  • Cloud service providers have the encryption key to your data
  • Any Government agency can have access to data stored in cloud

While discussing the question, "can Dropbox be used as a backup solution in 2018," we have come across issues that make storing data in cloud-based storage risky? The above-mentioned reasons indicate that not only Dropbox but all backup solution service providers bear some security concerns. To keep cloud-stored data secured, a CASB solution like CloudCodes', can provide users with a number of solutions. Rather than stopping data backup in cloud storage, users can opt for CASB services to make their backup data more secure and protected.

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) have a group of well-defined policies to strengthen the safety and privacy of information in a cloud-based atmosphere. Also, CASB offers powerful options like knowledge watching, period of time police work on user activity, well-guarded user access management mechanisms. CASB makes certain absolute management over operations to safeguard the enterprises from any form of knowledge leak or breach of confidentiality.

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