Strong Reasons Why you Really Need Online Store?

Darshit Parmar
Darshit Parmar is a dedicated eCommerce consultant at M-Connect Media, a sales-oriented e-business development company.
Magento is the best technology for eCommerce start-ups as it offers the technical expertise and visual appeal to create a store that pulls sales and earns high ROI (Return on investment).

The thought of starting a business can be unnerving due to the sheer need for capital investment. However, things have changed over the years and people with little money or bootstrappers can also start their online store and grow it into a million dollar business. In fact, eCommerce is the most chosen field of entrepreneurs who make it big by selling products online. The biggest benefit of a virtual store is that it requires little investment and still puts your business on the global map.

In addition, one can easily sense that it is high time to leverage the growing numbers of online shoppers in the world. In fact, according to Statista, there were 215.4 million online shoppers in the United States in 2017. This gigantic figure indicates that eCommerce is booming like never before and experts predict its growth by a whopping 16.5% in 2018 and the revenue generated is expected to be somewhere around $2.5 trillion or more. Phew! Well, if all this impresses you and somehow fits into your agenda of starting a business and if you have a solid product range then going for an eCommerce startup is the best thing to do.

Let us check some more reasons to go for an eCommerce startup:

  • The convenient way of starting up a business only if you have a strong technical team.
  • It earns you RoI (Return on Investment) 24x7.
  • Gives you a global client base.
  • Smart way of starting a business and running it.
  • More than 80% people shop online.
  • Retargeting apps available for smart marketing and pulling customer attention.
  • You are offering convenience to the customers.

Now, it is crucial to say that an eCommerce business has more chances of meeting success than the brick and mortar shops. The biggest reason is that in this moment the entire world is connected to the Internet. Well, almost! It is a time of human evolution when technology is at the center of one’s life and people choose to buy everything online, from a pin to a car. Therefore, an eCommerce store means that you have the entire globe as your clientele, provided you have the potential to create an amazing store that pulls the customers.

How online stores pull up a huge customer crowd?

In addition, to everything said above, it’s the customers that create the demand for more online stores. Yes, starting from working moms to technocrats, everyone wants to save time and thus, online shopping comes to their rescue. They can shop anything to everything and from anywhere with just a tap of their finger. The convenience of getting things delivered at the doorstep is also a reason behind the unfathomable success of online stores. This way, eCommerce stores based on B2C paradigm offers absolute convenience to their customers. Moreover, if you have an excellent product range then you can actually make the customers do compulsive shopping through smart marketing jigs. In a nutshell, online shopping is hassle free! Therefore, the demand for online business is rising like never before and will surpass the expectations in the future as well.

Technology to create the best eCommerce start-up:

The biggest reason behind the billions of dollars of revenue generated by online businesses is the technology used in creating those stores. It is with the best technology that you create a secure, scalable, appealing and crowd-pulling online store. Experts in the field of eCommerce vouch for Magento for eCommerce start-up. Magento stores have proven their caliber to handle 50K plus users, thousand categories, and 100K products on a single store. This technical ingenuity of Magento makes it the best technology for developing online stores. The icing on the cake is that you don’t have to pay to use Magento as this open source technology is available for free. However, if you can afford and want to add complex functionality to the store then go for a premium version of Magento.

The Community Edition offers myriads of features, extensions, web services API that can be used to integrate with other systems as well as offers cross-platform support to the mobile commerce stores. The features can be easily customized as per the client requirements and you get a true-to-your-objective store with Magento as the base.

Whether it’s a desktop eCommerce store or a responsive mobile store, you can offer the best user experience with Magento. It has features that support the selection of buyers based on their country and customize the currency option. It’s ideal for augmenting the customer’s experience of analyzing the product through the zooming features, images, and product reviews. The UI for Magento stores is always the best one can think of.

For the business side, it gives exceptional inventory management, UI creation, quick loading facility and an overall technical prowess that no other technology offers. Simply said, Magento has an upper hand when it’s about developing online stores. Hence, it is the best technology to use for all kinds of eCommerce and mCommerce sites.

What else? As a start-up, you need an excellent team that supports your vision and has the expertise needed to bring it to life. When you have all these things set-up and aligned, you will have a business up and be running.

Darshit Parmar
Darshit Parmar is a dedicated eCommerce consultant at M-Connect Media, a sales-oriented e-business development company.

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Girish RTeam Lead, Mobile Solutions, Fingent

Being open source, free with additional features like SEO advantage and 3 different flavors makes it more flexible. Many eCommerce web development companies to adopt it because of its multi store feature , scalability feature (php), secure and mobile friendliness .

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