Hire Android Developers Based On Their Programming Skills you Should Check Out

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Hemant Parmar
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Today, unlike web development, the mobile landscape is complex enough for a software engineer and Android is posing more challenging environment thanks to its fragmentation issues on hardware and software fronts.

Therefore, selection of an Android app developer demands more attention than iOS and other niches. In due course, I have propagated some useful yet practical hints to hit success.

Short Listing Resumes Not Final, Go Online to Cross Check

Simply checking resumes for education qualification and background checking is inadequate to evaluate a candidate properly. Today we have online profiles, professional and personal social media to reveal many hidden aspects of the life of a candidate.

Take help of LinkedIn as a social platform to verify your choice. Check links and works uploaded or running live on Google Play to measure the depth of knowledge and skills at primary level.

Take Chance of an Online Test

Some online tests by known platforms and conducted by you personally may help you to segregate the right candidates before they reach your premises.

Gauge Technical Skills

Since the job is of technical in nature, you must check technical skills of the candidates arrived for the personal interviews or you carried online for offshore outsourcing work.

Checking Programming Skills:

Ask crucial questions regarding Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, and XML like major programming languages. If possible carry out some tests to find out about the practical abilities of the Android developers you're considering.

Command over Tools:

Android Studio is a major framework and IDE with range toolsets and integrations. Check the working knowledge of Android app developers.

Measure Non-Tech Flairs

Besides technical skills, flairs in non-tech areas like communication or conversion abilities, passion for learning new skills arriving in the Android development market, and team-player abilities of developers to deliver constantly high-quality results and growth. 

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