Unique Technique of working with Informatica in Oracle

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You may know or may not that Informatica has pecular repository and methods of change propagations that are not all so "simple" least said.

Informatica is ETL, extraction transformation language, a tool serving wide array of data transformation tasks.

Here I'm trying to facilitate its repository which is basically Informatica's internal database . The problem is that this database is not very easily accessible. There are tools provided by Informatica which cost a lot and not widely used because of that. I'm trying here to show a way around to use the repository.

If Your Informatica is installed on Oracle Server this is what You can do:

1. Create dblink to your Informatica server
2. Create directories on your Informatica server:
create directory R_BAD as '/etl/stage001/BadFiles/R/'

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3. Create some structures to automatically create external tables in the directory

Then You can use following code to ncreate views:
create view v_infa_source_logs (source_name,
   SELECT NVL (s.source_name, 'NO SOURCE') source_name, t.mapping_name,
     FROM informatica.rep_src_mapping@p_etl s,
          informatica.rep_targ_mapping@p_etl t,
          informatica.rep_sess_tbl_log@p_etl l
   WHERE  t.mapping_name = s.mapping_name
      AND s.subject_area = 'PROD'
      AND s.subject_area = l.subject_area
      AND s.source_name = l.table_name

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Now you have unique ability to run the comparisons of your database data with the Informatica server data (see example) and create views pointing there.
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