"Unknown Error" when importing an Excel spreadsheet to SharePoint Online 2016

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I tried to use the SharePoint app to Import a Spreadsheet and import an Excel sheet into a Team site made in SharePoint 2016.
But that just resulted in getting an error message 'Unknown Error'...

Frustrated by getting a less than helpful "Unknown Error" when I tried to import a Spreadsheet into a Team Site made in SharePoint 2016, I went hunting for a solution.

Trying to Google a solution for hours didn't help, nor did reading several articles on Microsoft's Support website give me any luck.

Until I finally realized that I was logged in with different accounts in Office and SharePoint!

So I finally found the solution to this problem. 

I just logged out from Excel, and then logged back in again using the same admin account that I use in SharePoint, and it worked!

A simple fix, yet effective!

I hope this will also help you if you strike the same issue.

Author:Måns Ekman
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