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Kherk RoldanAward Winning SEO Specialist
Award Winning SEO Specialist in the Philippines who helps small companies get customers for 8 years. My website
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In this age of digitization where the online market is increasingly becoming competitive each day, I’ll give you the truth bomb: simply putting your business out there is not enough. Sure, you’ve got impressive content and interesting graphic design.

That’s it! I’m spilling my secret!

Here are my proven-and-tested advanced SEO techniques. These babies helped me generate thousands of visitors per month – they could help you, too!

According to Formstack, 80% of web traffic begins with a search query. [Ed: Watch out for delayed popups!] With a powerful Search Engine Optimization strategy, you’ll significantly increase your traffic and brand awareness. The question is, what strategy should you use?

#1 User Data Research

The best way to draw customers in is to give them exactly what they want. The better you can meet their needs, the more likely they are to check your content, click on your headlines, subscribe to your page or purchase your products. The question is, how do we figure out what they’re looking for?

There’s a myriad of effective ways to get relevant data on users’ interests. Some of these platforms can even give you a glimpse of your target customers’ experiences, opinions, and feedbacks. From there, you can develop on-point content that attracts them and maybe even makes them share it with the world!

  • Quora

This is my personal favorite. I get to learn so much stuff about my target audience, read their usual questions and even dig out a few ideas from experts all over the world. With this information, you can start building high-quality content that your target audience needs.

  • Google Analytics

This platform helps you determine how successful your pages are. It can also tell you what your visitors are more fond of. Carefully study statistics such as the number of times your page has been viewed, an average amount of time people spent on that page and the bounce rate.

  • Reddit

Somewhat like Quora, Reddit is a place for all types of communities and topics. Read through forums and discussions related to your niche and gain a lot of insights from there.

  • UberSuggest

UberSuggest is an important tool for you to mine search queries that people type into Google. It also generates long-tail keywords based on what real people search on the web. Other tools that feature this are AnswerThePublic [Ed: Watch out for delayed popups!]  and Keyword Tool.

  • BuzzSumo

If you want to check how many times your content has been shared on various social media, BuzzSumo is the place to go. It is extremely easy to use plus you get a chance to read through other people’s comments on your post!

#2 Make sure you create and optimize landing pages

Landing pages are an indispensable part of marketing. Whether your goal is to gain more followers, make a profit or build your brand, an optimized landing page is a perfect way to convert visitors into leads. Here are simple ways to optimize your landing pages:

  • Add title tags, meta tag description, and keywords.
  • Pick a good long-tailed keyword  to gain results and draw traffic from search engines
  • Use keywords naturally and add  CTA’s (Click-To-Action) to increase your conversion rate.
  • Make sure your content is properly formatted and uses headings, subheadings, CTA’s and paragraphs with 2-3 sentences only.
  • Prove to Google that your page is more valuable than others’ by writing at least 1800-word content.
  • Add keywords to your images’ ALT tags.
  • Aside from a well-written landing page, make sure to make it incredibly designed. The first impression lasts.
  • Always remember to add links to your landing pages. Links help your organic ranking on Google!

#3 Ensure a mobile-friendly site

I don’t know if you noticed but people all over the world are crazy for their phones. I’m even guilty of that. In fact, Global Digital reported that over half of the world’s web traffic in 2017 comes from mobile phones, and the numbers continually growing each day.

The Philippines, for example, has over 60 million internet users in 2017. This is a big leap from their 2016 figures. No wonder why the strategies for SEO Philippines have are improving by the second – not to mention the burgeoning string of mobile-friendly sites.

People have been enthused with the idea of being able to search or buy anything from anywhere at any time. This, of course, needs mobile phones. So if your site is mobile-friendly, not only will search engines like Google prioritize those kinds of sites, you also get unlimited potential for traffic and leads.

#4 Improve Infographics

Generating impressive infographics is one of the simplest and most effective ways to gain traffic. You see, the human brain naturally processes visual information faster than plain text. If you create infographics that contain fresh ideas, trending topics and interesting details, your chances of captivating your target audience’s attention is colossal.

#5 Use your competitor’s SEO keywords

It’s time to be in stealth mode! Find out the efficient keywords your competitors use and use those exact keywords to make an even better content. With this sneaky but highly effective technique, you get to boost your page’s ranking power and at the same time beat the competition based on ranking and data.

#6 Stay up-to-date

Personally, would you want to read outdated content over new ones? I certainly would not. Besides, search engines like Google and Bing love up-to-date content – it’s in their ranking criteria!

I suggest that instead of writing an entirely new one, just keep on updating your content and let everyone knows it’s fresh by adding “Updated + year” at the end of the title. Of course, don’t forget to update the publishing date in WordPress as well.

#7 Never underestimate the power of social media

This is especially helpful for those who are new to the world wide web. Since you are new, ranking high in Google can be difficult. The good news is, you can always use social media platforms to increase brand awareness, generate traffic and gain credibility.

#8 Switch to https

Search engines prefer secure websites. From HTTP, switch to https. This is also a good way to safeguard your connection, information, and other important details.

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Kherk RoldanAward Winning SEO Specialist
Award Winning SEO Specialist in the Philippines who helps small companies get customers for 8 years. My website

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