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Facebook Marketing Tips and how to increase your business page likes.

Facebook is a household name these days and is one of the most popular social media channels for people from all around the world. 

People like to connect with new friends through this channel. Facebook is one of the social media sites that have billions of users all across the globe. This large community of users makes this platform lucrative for the marketing of many brands. Today, marketing plans are considered incomplete without a promotional campaign on Facebook.

A successful campaign requires a unique and attractive page with regular updates and posts relevant to your business. But efforts are only fruitful when your business page engages with a wide audience who will like and share your posts.


Use of high-quality images with attention-grabbing visuals:

It is an undisputed fact that an attractive picture or image can quickly catch the attention of viewers. Therefore, you should not ignore adding high-quality images, informative infographics or a captivating illustration in your posts.


Quality content:

The written content of Facebook posts is generally kept short, as long content may cause your audience to lose interest in reading. It is advisable to write interesting posts with a 100-119 character range. Short posts keep the reader engaged and increase the chances of them liking your post.


Invite friends to like your Facebook page:

It may sound strange for big brands, but for startups, it is worthwhile to invite your friends for likes. This strategy may lead you to get even hundreds of likes which is a good start! To personalize the invitation, you can also message them privately.


Discounts and contests:

Discounts can encourage your audience to like and share your page. On the other hand, contests can make your page inviting for your target audience. Consider adding discounts, coupons or similar things and conduct contests that will interest your target audience. These are a couple of great ways to connect with your audience and persuade them for conversion.


Engage with other business in the same niche:

Facebook is for connecting with people so it is not bad if you follow the pages of competitors and other relevant businesses. You can capture attention towards your brand page by thoughtful commenting on others posts. In this way, traffic may start turning towards you.


A targeted strategy for Facebook marketing:

Do not let your efforts drain by creating ads or posts for an irrelevant audience. Target your audience by location, interests, and demography which will allow you to save resources and get maximum likes on your posts. Research of target audiences is crucial before devising a targeted Facebook marketing strategy.

Ready to implement these easy and effective tactics in your Facebook marketing strategy?

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Nadkaar AgencyWeb design and Seo Company
Our services are not juts limited to SEO, we offer full range of marketing solutions in Dubai - UAE.

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