Resolved 'Outlook 2013 does not start' error

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“I cannot open my Outlook 2013. It is showing an error message “Outlook does not start”. I do not know why this error is coming. I want to remove it. Please suggest me some methods to start my Outlook again.”

A user faces above mentioned problem. Many times it happens with us that we try to open our MS Outlook, but it is continuously showing an error that “Outlook does not start.” People used to face a problem “Outlook is not responding,” this is because the MS Outlook heads some of the corruption issues. Outlook is most widely used Email client around the world for communication in an organization. However, what if we face such kind of problems? What we do in such problems when my Outlook is not Responding? How can I solve this issue? Today, I will help you to resolves your all issues related to this error, but before that, we will discuss what “Outlook 2013 does not start” error is?

What “Outlook 2013 does not start” error

This error which is “Outlook 2013 does not start” or “Outlook is not Responding” faced by users when they are facing some corruption issues in their Outlook. These corruptions can be in their Outlook data files, or can be in their Outlook profiles or maybe their MS Outlook is being damaged. This error makes the Outlook does not open and makes all Outlook emails inaccessible. This error may also damage emails, attachments and Outlook data files internally. So, now we will discuss what the corruption issues that damage the Outlook and how can we resolve them are?

Causes and Solution for “Outlook 2013 does not start” error

Outlook does not open under some conditions when it has corruption. Below are the mentioned reasons and their solutions for issue “Outlook 2013 does not start” error.

1) Open Outlook in Safe Mode: Yes, this could be an issue sometimes its happen MS Outlook is not damaged and still, Outlook does not start. In such case, you should be careful to deal with it.

Solution: To resolve above issue and to open Outlook in safe mode you have to follow some instruction. You have already tried to open Outlook, but it is not responding. Then click on start button and in run box type outlook.exe/safe and run this and follow rest instructions. After that, you can open your Outlook in safe mode.

2) Using Outlook in older Operating system: Many times it happens to us that we are using an older version of Operating system which leads to an error of Outlook does not start, or Outlook is not responding.

Solution: To resolve the problem, you should be very careful about your Operating system version. If you are unable to update your OS version, then you should turn on the compatibility mode. To turn on this mode, find Outlook exe then choose its properties and turn on compatibility mode.

3) You have damage Outlook Profile: Damaged Outlook profile is kind of damage that is led by malware and virus attack. When a virus attack on your system and reaches to Outlook, it can damage your Outlook profile or maybe modify the details. Through which you will face the problem of unable to access Outlook.

Solution: To resolve this issue, you need to repair your Outlook profile. If your profile is damaged by a virus, you have to repair it by using repairing tool. However, you can prevent Outlook profile corruption by using anti-virus in your system which prevents virus and malware attacks.

4) You have damaged Outlook data files: This can be a significant issue when you have damaged Outlook data files. Data files are exposed as a damaged file, and they also lead problem in starting Outlook. If Outlook has some damaged data files, then Outlook does not work correctly.

Solution: To resolve this issue, you have to use Microsoft inbuilt repair tool which Inbox Repair Tool to repair damaged Outlook data files. However, your files are large then you should go for third party Outlook PST Repair Tool.

Damaged PST Repair Tool

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair is designed to resolve all PST related issues. If you have damaged PST and you are unable to access PST data, then you can use this tool. It repairs and recovers entire PST data without impacting any change in its integrity and data security. Some of the prominent features of PST Repair tool are stated below:

  • Repairs damaged and large size PST files quickly.
  • Recovers emails, attachments, and deleted items too.
  • Repairs password protected PST with complete integrity.
  • Does not impact change in the folder hierarchy and data format.
  • Export repaired PST files to Emails servers and Office 365.
  • Apply inbuilt filters to segregate data in folders before saving.
  • Offers a quick preview of the PST mailbox before saving.
  • Support all versions of Outlook, Exchange & Windows OS.

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Sandeep KumarAssociate Consultant
Experts in Data Recovery, Email Recovery, and Email & Cloud Migration Tools.

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