What Makes React Js the Best Technology for Developing Website & Mobile Applications?

Maulik ShahFounder & CEO
Maulik Shah is the CEO of BiztechCS, a development company. He often takes the front seat in the company’s development projects.
Although a new technology, ReactJs offers multiple benefits to the website owners when it comes to creating interactive websites. Know what aspects make React Js one of the most popular frameworks for building websites.

Ever had an experience wherein you said a joke and received no laughter from the other end? Breaks your heart, doesn’t it? This is exactly what a bad user experience is like in the online world. The only difference is; for bad jokes, you get “bohooos” and for offering a bad user interface, you get website abandonment. And as a business owner, that is the last thing you would want.

With so many technologies on the rise, it is often a problem choosing the one that will offer fruitful results. But these days, one name is often on the lips of business owners when it comes to getting a website with impressive features. And that is – React Js. The biggest examples of its popularity are apps like Netflix, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. So, in case you have decided to go for ReactJs development services, we will give you more reasons to do so through this article.

It is easy to learn

It is very important to understand the basics of any technology and the way it works in order to develop mobile and web applications. And a cumbersome world of coding is something that all programmers loathe. Now, ReactJs is not an all-inclusive features framework but a JavaScript open source GUI library. In short, it is the V of the MVC pattern. React Js makes easy for any JavaScript developer to understand its basic and develop apps based on the technology. They might need to go through a certain tutorial and that is it.

The JavaScript Library Advantage

As mentioned above, JavaScript library is a major and the most resourceful aspect of React JS. It does not confine developers to any patterns, templates or structure that hinders the application crafting process. In fact, it gives a lot of freedom to the application builders belonging to React.Js development companies and enables them to craft apps the way they want. This is one of the major reasons as to why it has become one of the most preferred technologies amongst the developers.

The Virtual DOM Advantage

When it comes to web app development, updating document object model often becomes a hindrance in the path of many. Through ReactJs, you can keep this problem at bay as virtual DOM offers all the help you need. ReactJs enables developers to create a virtual DOM and host it in the memory. In case there is a change in the actual DOM, it undergoes immediate changes as it is located in the memory. Also, DOM doesn’t compromise the performance of your app.

Reinforces Component Reusability

Component reusability stands of utmost importance to developers. And why not? After all, it saves a lot of time and efforts. Using React JS, developers can reuse the components that they used for other application with the same functionality and ensure that they work to the best of their potential. This boosts the speed of application development and saves time on the parts of clients as well as programmers.

Compatible with SEO Activities

With JavaScript frameworks, search engine friendliness has often been a problem. And thus, most of the applications developed on JavaScript are also not SEO-friendly. However, ReactJs helps you to get over such issues with ease. Using it, you can create an interface that is browse-worthy on different search engines. This means better digital presence and improved search engine rankings.

We hope that this article gave you clear insights about ReactJs technology. Get in touch with one of the companies offering best React Js development services and get websites with stunning interfaces!

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Maulik Shah is the Founder and CEO of Biztech Consulting and Solutions, a fast growing IT solutions provider specializing in React Js development services. Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various Aspects of e-commerce technology.

Maulik ShahFounder & CEO
Maulik Shah is the CEO of BiztechCS, a development company. He often takes the front seat in the company’s development projects.

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