Why is Ionic the Best Framework for Developing Mobile Apps?

Maulik ShahFounder & CEO
Maulik Shah is the CEO of BiztechCS, a development company. He often takes the front seat in the company’s development projects.
When it comes to building mobile apps, it is important to consider a framework that is easy to work upon and provides good benefits. The "Ionic framework" is one of the latest frameworks considered by Ionic App Development Companies when it comes to building mobile applications.

“In the year 2020, there will be a widespread belief that the World Wide Web is less important and useful and apps are the dominant factor in people’s lives.” Quotes PewResearch Internet Project. When our day begins and ends with an app, there is no denial to the fact that Mobile apps are the most significant part of our lives.

According to the 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report, the top 3 apps in terms of penetration are:
Facebook – 81%
YouTube – 71% and
Facebook Messenger – 68%

The above-mentioned apps are exploited to the fullest by numerous mobile users as they have an intuitive user interface and provide a lot of engagement to the users. And the framework that makes them so addictive is - Ionic framework. Ever since its launch, Ionic has modernized the development of mobile applications and has brought class to the hybrid apps world. Most of the businesses today are choosing Ionic App Development services for their app due to the reasons given below:

It is open source

One of the biggest drawbacks of using open source is that it can be unstable at times and can break. However, that is not the case with Ionic. It is fast, robust, and reliable for development, designing as well as marketing. Also, getting an app developed by a company can prove to be expensive. But, when you go for Ionic app development, it will not cost you much. Also, it is easy to design a mobile web page using Ionic.

It uses one code for all

When it comes to crafting native apps for iOS and Android platforms, one needs to learn two different languages. Ionic provides with the flexibility of creating cross-platform apps without undergoing any troubles. It enables the developers to create high-end user interface along with additional functionalities. Not just that, they can use the same code and create apps for different platforms without rewriting the code. Result? Lesser time and efforts spent.

It is a favorite amongst developers

Well, it is always fun to work on an interface which enables you to choose different elements without any need to code them separately. The developers providing Ionic app development services make the most out of its default UI elements. It comes with different list views, action sheets, tab bars, filters, forms etc. so that developers can build an app for all the operating systems without any glitches. Also, as the default UI is clean, it is also possible to make modifications to the app.

It has community support

Being a little new, Ionic does bring certain challenges for developers. But as the framework is built on popular technologies like Angular and Cordova, it is possible to find answers to all the problems. Developers who indulge in Ionic development can go through all the blogs and comments posted on the forum and post their queries. Sometimes, the founders also provide the developers with answers that they are seeking for.

The Cordova Plugin Advantage

Well, you must know what plugins are. They are nothing but a small piece of code that enables the website owner to perform certain functionalities. The Cordova plugins add to the beauty of Ionic by giving access to features of the system like camera, battery, access to logs etc. They enhance the performance of apps. One just needs to add some codes while development and that is it.


Ionic framework is the best way to bridge gaps between hybrid mobile apps and AngularJS web apps. It makes the most out of AngularJS and Cordova library when it comes to developing interactive hybrid apps. Get your app built right!

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Maulik ShahFounder & CEO
Maulik Shah is the CEO of BiztechCS, a development company. He often takes the front seat in the company’s development projects.

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