PDF Invoice Splitter – Solution for Splitting Invoices in Batch

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Do you have so many invoice documents and searching for a method to separate invoices. If yes, then read this blog and know about best PDF Invoice Splitter tool. With this advanced utility, you can easily perform the splitting of invoices into several documents and save them in the desired location.

As we know there is no business which completes without invoices. Previously offices had documents, files, invoices in the paper. But, as technology improves, offices start using digital documents, files, and invoices too. However, there are several file formats available but, the most preferred for the invoice is PDF. Because it is the most secured file format and platform independent. 

Invoices can be single-paged or multi-paged, depending on the number of items bought. But, at times users want a single page of an invoice or just two or three from several pages. Then, in such cases, they search for best PDF invoice splitter which will help them to extract particular page. So, in this blog, we have discussed the best solution which will help users to split large PDF files of invoices.

Why Do Users want to Separate Invoices?

Usually, I receive invoices from the suppliers in a PDF file format. But, sometimes I receive a single invoice or 2 or more invoices in Adobe PDF file format. Moreover, each invoice could be a single page or a multiple pages. But, when I receive multiple invoices in single PDF and there is no separator page or bookmark to indicate the end of the particular invoice and the start of the next. Then in such cases, it would be very difficult for me to identify particular invoice. Can anyone suggest PDF invoice splitter tool which can help me to separate invoices in multiple files?

What are the Benefits of Splitting Invoices in PDF

1. Splitting an invoice lets a customer spread out payments for a single invoice across multiple invoices

2. Users can easily print  the required part of the invoice into hard copies

3. Easily share the particular page of the large invoice

4. Easy to open and read small files as compared to large files

Separate Invoices With Professional PDF Invoice Splitter Tool

Invoice file could contain the single page or one large multi-paged file. But, when users are in need of splitting invoices, then it is recommended to use SysTools PDF Splitter software. It is a simple solution to separate invoices into smaller files without any file formatting. This tool provides four options i.e. Split by page, Split by range, Split by even pages & split by odd pages. Users can select any of the options as per their need, let’s understand it more clearly.

  • Split By Page: Using this option, users can split a single large sized PDF file containing multiple invoices into separate invoices. The tool will create a single PDF file for each page within the PDF document. After, completing this task, the software allows users to save the output files which are sequentially numbered. Basically, this numbering in the invoices makes the task easier to track each page of invoice.

  • Split By Range: With this option, users can perform the splitting invoices on the basis of range. Let’s suppose a user has a multi-page invoice and he wants three pages from the middle. Then in such case, the user can select the respective range and the PDF Invoice splitter tool will create a PDF file for each page coming within that range.

  • Split By Even Pages: Using this option, users can easily create a separate invoice PDF file containing all pages in even number of count. Let’s suppose, the user has invoices of 10 pages, then by using this tool, they can create a PDF invoice for pages numbered as 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10.

  • Split by Odd Pages: The PDF Invoice Splitter tool also provides the facility of splitting invoices on the basis of odd-numbered pages. For example, a user receives the invoice of 15 pages then, this tool will create a PDF document each for each of pages numbered as 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9.

How the PDF Invoice Splitter Tool Separate Invoices

Follow the steps to divide PDF invoices into multiple parts:

1. Download and install the tool for splitting invoices

2. Browse the file which has to be split

3. Choose desired split option from Split by range, page, even pages or odd pages

4. Click Process button for splitting invoices


The above blog discussed the solution for splitting invoices. Here, we have covered several benefits of separate invoices. Apart from this professional PDF Invoice Splitter tool is described which will help users to split the invoices as per their need.


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