How I listen to Youtube Music (when off the grid)

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A quick illustration of ways to download YouTube video content as MP3

In today's world, it's become normal to find out about new music trends, new signers, and new songs from youtube. It is, of course, easy: just click subscribe, and you'll be notified when new stuff is shared... 

Whenever I am at my desktop, I keep youtube running nonstop in the background, going over my playlists, always something playing... But desktop has somewhat unlimited internet, as we say these days - data transfer, so I do not care if these videos are playing as videos, with all the video data included and transferred to an absent viewer. 

As a teacher, I often need to get educational videos off youtube, or even specific songs and beats... These are the methods I achieve that. Hope this helps you too! And thus I go 1 step further. For my Galaxy s7 (yes, I do need to upgrade), or my work laptop, I like to actually download music from youtube. This allows me to play the songs I like when away from wifi, on a road trip or simply in the subway...

Online mp3 converter (mobile)

I find the new tracks I want on youtube using my phone, and then I open mp3 converter to download the mp3 files sometimes during class, - it's so fast. All I do is open this URL in my Chrome (Android) browser: https://youtubemp3.today and paste the video page URL in the box. The image of this article is actually an illustration of how it happens. The site then offers several download options which I know the red button gives me the fastest download speed. 

You can copy video page URL into the clipboard and then paste it into the box. 

  • On the desktop, click in the browser address bar while viewing the video, then CTRL+A to select all the text in there, if not selected, and CTRL+C to copy; to paste later press CTRL+V.

  • On a mobile, tap and hold your finger on the address box, a menu comes up with weird icons, find one that selects all text, then one that copies it to the clipboard. Then tap on the box, tap and hold, again, of course, and in the menu that pops up select Paste to insert the URL. 

Youtube-dl + FFmpeg (desktop)

For my home desktop Windows computer, I go about a bit differently. This method is not available for android or IOS smartphones. I'm not sure about windows ones, though... In any case, I like to use Youtube-dl (ytdl.org) - it's a command line (online) video downloader and converter. For this method, you will also need FFmpeg (ffmpeg.org), which handles actual conversion of youtube to mp3. 

Why do I like this method? it allows for batch jobs, easy options change quality update files, all kinds of possibilities. It works with over 1000 websites, not only youtube, as the converter listed above. All you need to do for the method to work is open command line processor (CTRL+ESC->cmd->ENTER), and enter the following command:

youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 URL1 URL2 URL3

it will download audio and convert it to mp3, if needed, step by step from URL1, URL2, and finally URL3. 

I hope you find this useful.

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