Exchange Not Receiving External Emails In 2010, 2013, 2016 Mailbox Server

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Exchange not receiving an external email in 2016/ 13/ 10 / 07 version can occur due to the various issues. Get complete information to fix Exchange Server not receiving external or outside Email messages in a Public Folder mailbox and Distribution Group.

Exchange Not Receiving External Emails: Get Expert Advice Here

Oftentimes, it happens with users that the Exchange Server is not receiving external emails and some serious errors arise at the time of corruption in the operating system. These errors slow down the working of the Exchange Server and create an obstacle in between the proper functioning of the application. Users may also encounter crashing and freezing on the Microsoft Exchange Server. The post deals with a great possible solution when Exchange 2016 is not receiving external emails.

Situations Which Lead to This Issue in the Exchange Server

Some of the circumstances of Exchange Server not receiving external emails are listed below:

  • Excessive startup entries
  • Registry error
  • Corruption in Exchange .edb files
  • RAM or hardware decline
  • Fragmented Files
  • Installation of redundant or unnecessary programs

Symptoms When Exchange 2013 is Not Receiving External Emails

Whenever this sending and receiving error starts arsing, this can be due to different scenarios and not maintaining the Exchange Server properly. Some traits of this problem are given below:

  • The error “Exchange server unable to receive external email” results in the crashing of the program running at that moment.
  • The system crashes continuously and displays the error messages of MS Server does not receive external emails in the same program.
  • This will reduce the working speed of keyboard or the input is slow.
  • It can also frequently happen that the local system may freeze for a period of time.

This Article deals with the solution to solve the problem faced by Exchange users in different scenarios. Such as “Exchange 2010 not receiving an external email from certain domains” or due to low disk space, even after some migration processes, users are not able to receive Outside emails. For different scenarios, different solutions work but you can try basic changes in the settings that can help the user to fix this issue.

Exchange 2010 Mailbox is Not Receiving External Emails - Solution

In Exchange 2010 Server mailbox, a user can follow the below manual method:

Once the user understands the causes and symptoms of the issue, it is the time to resolve the issue. A user needs to follow the given set of instructions to fix the error when MS Exchange server does not receive external emails:

  • In the first step, it is needed to identify the email which is causing the issue. It can easily be checked by sending a test email from any other account to an internal account.
  • Move to EMC (Exchange Management Console) and choose the option of the toolbox
  • Then click on the option “message tracking”. Once the steps till now are performed correctly, a new login window will appear on the screen. Finish the login process to resolve the issue when Exchange Server does not receive external emails
  • Search for the emails which are received. In the next step, select the users
  • Then, it is required to type the external email address from where test mail was generated and Select the option of OK.
  • Once the search results are obtained, get the relevant details by double-clicking on it. If the delivery failure exists, go through the next step.
  • Navigate to Start menu and click on the option services.msc. Then hit on Enter button

  • The Services Windows will appear on the screen. From the options present, look for MS Exchange transport. Right-click on this option and select Restart button.

  • After you have restarted this, the mail will be successfully received

Method2: By Changing the Settings In Exchange 2013 and 2016

In this method, it is needed to understand the concept of “Receive Connectors” in Exchange 2016. To fix the issue when Exchange 2013 is not receiving external emails, it is required to check the settings of the connectors. There are five receive connectors. Among these 5, three are Front End Transport and rest two are Hub Transport. These 5 connectors are briefly explained here.

  • Client Front End MBG-EX01: This receive connector establishes connections on port 587. It is used by IMAP and POP clients. It proxies connection from IMAP and POP programs to Hub Transport receive connector called Client Proxy MBG-EX01

  • Default Front End MBG- EX01: The email messages are received by this service on port number 25. It then sends the received emails to Hub Transport connector known as Default MBG-EX01 on the port number 2525.

  • Outbound Proxy Front End MBG-EX01: If a user has examined proxy through client access server option in the Send connector, then it can receive outgoing emails. In simpler words, this transport connector receives the emails sent by transport service if and only if the option proxy through client access server is selected in Send connector. Front End transport service gets the emails on port 717.

  • Client Proxy MBG-EX01: It is a hub transport feature. It establishes the connection to port number 465. It accepts IMAP and POP connections from proxy sent by Client Frond End MBG-EX01. 

  • Default MBG-EX01: It is also a hub transport server. It takes the incoming emails sent from front-end transport service and then resends it to the mailbox transport service. In a similar manner, it accepts the outgoing email messages from mailbox service. It makes use of send connector to send the emails or to sends to receive connector known as Outbound Proxy Front End MBG-EX01 if the option proxy through client access server is activated. It works on port number 2525.

  • Free Space: Some time, if there is less disk space for Exchange Serve can lead to the issue. Try to free at least space of minimum 5 GB so the Message queue so that message can be processed easily and try to maintain it otherwise, you will again getting started Not receiving external Exchange email.

If you still not receiving an external email in Exchange Account then you can go for Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer and also checks the Transport logs. If you think an error arises due to some kind of corruption issues in Exchange Database then you can use  SysTools Exchange Database Recovery Tool to fix this email transportation issue in Exchange 2016/2013/2010 versions

The Final Words

No doubt, the Exchange Server offers some amazing features to its users. But, no application is totally devoid of the faults. So, there are some issues with the MS Exchange. One among them is Exchange 2016 is not receiving external emails. The reasons along with the workaround solutions are discussed in the write-up.

SysToolsData Expert - Recovery,Backup,Migration
SysTools Simplifying Technology Leading  in Data Recovery, Data Migration & Data Backup With 200+ Solutions.

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