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Nextel Blackberry Software Issues

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I've been in the IT Profession for over 20 Years.  I specialize in Windows, and iOS.
This article will help those of you having problems with the Nextel Blackberry 8350i.  Recent Software updates cause the problems issues described below, and this article will help you revert back to the older software.

As we know, Nextel has always been behind the times when it comes to technology.  Every other service has more advanced phones, and all around better equipment.  Service is spotty in a lot of places as well. Why do we stay?  Most likely for the Direct Connect feature.
These phones in particular are very temperamental.  

Right now,  these phones are up to the software version.  If you want to check your version, go to Options, Choose About, and on the 3rd line you will see the software version.

When I first got mine, we had, then, and finally  My suggestion is not to go to the latest software version.  I still have the 204 version on my phone because of issues which I will outline for you now.

When upgrading to 313 you will notice:

1) That your direct connect button will now bring up all of your direct connect contacts.  There is no way that I have found to disable this feature.  i find this annoying because I use that button to turn the light on the phone and if i hit it twice by accident, I am now in a DC call.

2) Your phone book will randomly lose contacts and you need to re-sync your phone to get them back.  Nextel knows about this and they have not done anything about it yet.

3) The only good feature of the 313 software is the ability to turn off receiving those annoying Direct Send My Info messages.

My advice is to stick with the 204 software.  If you already have upgraded, you can downgrade through the desktop manager.  Just make sure you do a full phone backup through the Desktop manager.
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I have .313 and must say, swapping #1 for #3 is like deciding which bank screws me the least--it doesn't matter, you're still screwed.

I've also had a problem with the internet and email randomly turning off (I can tell because my network status says "NXtl" instead of "NXTL") which to fix I have to go to Options -> Mobile Network -> Data Services = "On".  Never happened in .204

I gave up on calling Sprint for help.

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