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Extract data from PDF invoices in just a few clicks. Know complete details about PDF invoices and understand the need to obtain text from PDF invoices. This blog is going is going to describe the complete and best solution to perform PDF invoice data extraction.

Do you ever need to extract data from a PDF Invoice? Don't have a reliable solution to retrieve PDF Invoice data? Are you also searching for a reliable way to manage invoices in portable document format? If so, you have landed on the right platform. 

Here, I provide relevant solutions whereby users can perform PDF invoice data extraction without any hassle. Before proceeding, let's discuss and learn more about PDF Invoice documents.

An invoice is a document commonly used when a client purchases or sells some items. In simple words, Invoice is a bill that shows all the details of what has been purchased and the mode of payment. In a similar fashion, PDF Invoice file is a mode that accountants create the invoice and send to the customer via any digital means. 

Generally, it is a track record of what was sold and what is unpaid. At times, it happens, due to a variety of reasons, that accountants need the data from PDF invoice to transfer into accounting software. Home users will also want to extract data from PDF invoices to their devices for the future reference. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we will describe some direct methods that let users understand how to extract text from PDF in an efficient way. First, let's explore some real-life scenarios of PDF invoice data extraction.

User Queries

“Hi, I have a large collection of invoices and I need to extract data from PDF Invoice to a spreadsheet. I tried to manually to obtain text from PDF Invoice to excel but it is a very time-consuming process. So, please kindly suggest me any different approach to how I can get my Invoice data to excel sheet”.

“Hello, I am new to acrobat reader and do not know how to extract the selective PDF Invoice data. Also, I tried a free online software that extracts the data but without any formatting. Now, it is difficult to read that confusing data. If anyone has the reliable and proficient software, please kindly let me know. I am looking forward to your reply”.

What is the Necessity of PDF Invoice Data Extraction?

There are numbers of reasons by which users need to obtain text from PDF invoices. Some of the major ones are shown here:

  • Extract data from PDF invoice and save in Excel file
  • Save the PDF invoice data in any other file format like Doc
  • Need to extract only particular information from the PDF invoice
  • To perform PDF Invoice data extraction of the selective page from the large document
  • To manage specific client record from the PDF invoice

How to Extract Data From PDF Invoice Manually?

To perform this technique, the user must have Adobe Reader software installed in the system. Adobe Reader is an application in which PDF file can be opened easily. Now, follow each and every step that is listed below carefully:

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader on your machine
  • Select the desired PDF Invoice file and Open it
  • Now, press Ctrl+C to copy the invoice data
  • Press Ctrl+V and paste this information into another program
  • Now, your PDF Invoice file copied to another application

Limitations of Manual Approach

Due to the limitations, this manual solution cannot be considered as a reliable method. The demerits of the above manual method are listed here:

  • Fail to retrieve information from the selective PDF file
  • Lengthy process while dealing with multiple PDF Invoices
  • Does not maintain the formatting of text in PDF Invoice

Professional Solution for PDF Invoice Data Extraction

It is clear from the above section that the manual method has lots of demerits and not considered as the best solution. So, a user can choose a third-party application tool. One of the secure and reliable tools is SysTools PDF Toolbox

This tool is designed to convert, compress and extract data from PDF invoice in batches. Moreover, the tool has a unique and simple interface that can be used by a non-technical user. The utility maintains the original format of the PDF Invoice document throughout the process. Apart from this, the tool has several dynamic features, all of them are discussed below:

  • Offer to compress and decrease the size of PDF files
  • Permit to archive PDF files in batch for the future use
  • Allows users to obtain text from PDF invoice in batch
  • Offer to retrieve the images from the selective PDF
  • Maintain the original formatting after PDF invoice data extraction


In this article, we have covered the most suitable direct method along with its limitations. Furthermore, an automated approach i.e. PDF Toolbox has been discussed that extracts data from PDF Invoice file without any damage to text formatting. It is one of the proven solutions for PDF invoice data extraction in an efficient way.

Edwin HofferTechnical Expert

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