Convert CSV to Multiple VCF Files with an Error-Free Solution

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Do you know how to convert CSV to multiple VCF formats? Are you searching for a hassle-free solution to import .csv file contacts into .vcf files? Get an optimum solution here to export Excel or CSV files to vCard or VCF formats! Read more to know the solution in detail.

Ways to Convert CSV to Multiple VCF Address Book – A Perfect Solution

"I usually save contacts on the computer as a CSV file and now, I want to access contacts from my personal Android phone. However, the problem is that the Galaxy S6 mobile phone could not open files in such format. Therefore, I need to export multiple CSV files into VCF format. But, the problem is how? I have tried, few manual tricks that result in data loss. So, I want to know that is there any trusted third-party tool that can convert CSV to multiple VCF files without any data loss. Thank you!"

CSV files are generally used to store contact information exported from the various applications like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, or Microsoft Outlook. In fact, a single CSV file can save thousands of contact information in a large address book. It stores each property as a value in the table and every value is separated by a comma or other delimiter. 

However, what do you do if your mobile device or other software does not know that what a CSV file is? So, you are now stuck with a file that cannot be utilized anywhere. Thus, it is better to convert CSV into a convenient file format i.e., VCF. The VCF is a really famous file format among users to store names, address, contact number, email address and all other information in a standard format. 

This file format is supported by most applications and mobile devices. Hence, in this editorial, we will introduce users to an eminent utility ‘Excel to vCard Converter’ that can easily convert CSV to multiple VCF even without any data loss.

Brief Introduction of CSV to VCF Converter Tool


This is a professional solution to import CSV contacts into VCF format without losing any data. So, if you want to know how to convert contacts list from Excel to vCard or .vcf file, this is a perfect solution to go with. The product is available in two different versions i.e., Demo and Full Version. 

The trial version of the tool enables users to know about the software in much better way before purchasing it. Users can download the trial version directly from the official site of company. As it is the trial version of the program thus, it comprises some limitations too. 

The trial version of the tool allows to preview and export only first 5 characters of email address and 8 char of phone number. Where the licensed version of Excel to vCard Converter can be utilized only after purchasing it. One can purchase the paid edition via a secure payment gateway. This version does not impose any restrictions to convert CSV to multiple VCF formats.

The software is laden with many efficient features and some of them are mentioned below:

Load and Preview CSV File:
Once you have browsed the CSV file in the tool, it will automatically generate an instant preview of all data items stored in it. Users can view every row and column with its respective data. Also, the tool will load multiple sheets of a CSV file so that users can view the content of all pages separately.

Save Output in 3 vCard Editions :
Users are allowed to export CSV file to vCard 2.1, 3.0, and even in 4.0 versions according to their requirements and preferences. CSV to vCard Converter also gives an option to create a single vCard file that is consolidated with all contacts of the chosen file.

Convert CSV to Multiple VCF Format:
The CSV to VCF Converter allows exporting multiple contacts from CSV to multiple vCard formats in a single attempt. One can save all the fields of a CSV file in the output vCard through the mapping. The software creates individual .vcf files for every contact that is present in CSV.

Mapping of CSV and vCard Fields:
To convert the details of every column into VCF fields, one can use its mapping option. After loading CSV file, the tool will display a list of all columns in its drop-down menu for CSV field. Choose the name of every column and their respective name from the vCard properties drop-down to map the columns.

Supports VCF Compatible Device:
After generating vCard files, users can successfully import the output files to MS Outlook, Android phones, BlackBerry, WhatsApp, Samsung, iPhone, Nokia and so forth for further utilization of contacts. However, Outlook installation is not required for CSV to VCF conversion.

Convert Empty Email Addresses:
In case if you are required to import the contacts that have empty email address fields then, you can also do this through Excel to vCard Converter tool. Because this tool allows to check or uncheck the import empty email address contacts to convert CSV to multiple VCF.

Why Excel to vCard Converter Only?

  • Execute CSV to VCF conversion without any data loss
  • Live operation status report for transparent conversion
  • Comprise simple and easy Graphical User Interface
  • No technical expertise required to operate the software

Concluding Lines

There are many computer users who daily search for how to convert CSV to multiple VCF? In order, to resolve this query we have come up with this article. Here we have compiled a simple and cost-effective workaround to convert CSV files to VCF files. 

The mentioned third-party tool does not require so much technical knowledge to operate the tool, thus every technical and non-technical user can use this tool without any hassle. Users can opt this software to perform quick and easy data conversion.

SysToolsData Expert - Recovery,Backup,Migration
SysTools Simplifying Technology Leading  in Data Recovery, Data Migration & Data Backup With 200+ Solutions.

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