How to Repair Corrupt Backup File in SQL Server: A Complete Solution

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Know how to repair corrupted backup files using SysTools SQL backup Recovery, Also understand the reasons behind .bak file corruption in SQL Server.

It is very important to take a backup for SQL Servers on regular basis. There are many SQL users who face corruption issues so, to protect their data from getting lost they take backups of their SQL server database into a SQL .bak file. A large amount of data is present in a user’s database and any damage to their data can lead to serious problems. 

But worse situations occur for any SQL users when their .bak file corrupts and all their data is lost. Do not worry, we can get back this important data by repairing the corrupt backup file in SQL Server. This post focus on providing a simple and reliable solution where a user can repair the corrupt .bak file. One should follow restore and backup strategies to retrieve the data from a corrupted backup file.

Quick Glance at SQL Server BAK File

The SQL Server BAK file is a backup file of the SQL Server database. The data present in this file is similar to the data available in the main database. If the backup file is corrupted then it can be restored to retrieve data. A user has to follow a proper restoration process then only he/she will be able to open and access the backup files data.

Reasons for SQL Backup File Corruption

There can be multiple reasons behind the corruption of SQL Server BAK files. Abrupt system shutdown due to power supply issues while the database is opened. Virus attacks on the system where the files are stored. Sometimes due to upgrades of SQL Server from previous versions to newer can also cause corruption. In many situations, bugs are already present in SQL Server and when the backups are created they are also corrupted. So, these are some common reasons behind the corruption of SQL Server BAK files.

How to Repair Corrupt BAK File in SQL Server

Now, if you want a quick, reliable and perfect solution to repair the corrupt SQL.bak files then you can opt for a SQL Backup Recovery Tool. This utility recovers and exports corrupt SQL backup files (.bak ) into the SQL Server. 

Due to its user-friendly interface, users can operate this tool in an effortless manner. No file size limitation is linked with this tool. One can also take advantage of multiple features of this utility. It also supports the full backup recovery of a corrupted .bak file. 

Using this software one can recover and preview Tables, Views, Procedures, Triggers etc. It is compatible with the .bak file of SQL Server 2014, 2012 and all lower versions. SQL Backup Recovery is an efficient tool which can repair the corrupt SQL .bak files in a hassle-free way without any data loss issue.

Steps to Repair Corrupt BAK File in SQL Server With SQL Backup Recovery Tool

  1. First of all, download and install SysTools SQL Backup Repair Tool on your system
  2. Then go to Start Menu and then click on Programs
  3. Now, launch the tool on your system then you will see the initial screen of the utility

  4. After this, you have to click on the Load button to add a SQL Backup file ;

  5. According to the level of corruption, you have to select the scanning mode to recover SQL backup file. You can select either Quick Scan or Advance Scan. After successful completion of the scanning process, you can preview all the recovered elements from the BAK file such as tables, views etc.

  6. Once the scanning process is completed successfully, then you will be able to preview all the recovered elements from the BAK file


There are numerous reasons behind the corruption of SQL Server BAK file. It can be due to a virus attack on the system where the files are stored or there might be another reason behind the corruption. So, to repair the corrupt backup file in SQL Server and retrieve the data you can follow the step by step procedure explained above. To perform a secure and quick repair you can go for the automated approach that is SQL Backup Recovery Tool.

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