How to Migrate users from Zimbra server to Office 365.

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Saurabh Yadav
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Migration of users from Zimbra server to office 365 with the help of IMAP migration.

We do have many ways to migrate the users to office 365 but as per the requirement of the organisation we need to follow the planned way out of which we can migrate the users in planned manner to office 365 environment.

I would like to give you details summary of migration of users from Zimbra server to office 365 cloud environment with the help of IMAP migration. 

Basically in order to migrate the users from the third party server or tenant or from any messaging server we have to follow the approach for IMAP migration.Please find the steps that we need to follow:

1. Login to Office 365 Portal.

2. Navigate to Exchange admin center where you will find the tab Migration.

3. Click on Migration and create the Migration endpoint in which you need to enter the source server details ( Zimbra sever , that you will find under the zimbra server advanced setting page).

4. Once you have finished with the migration endpoints then we need to upload the CSV Excel file over the portal with the help of which we can initiate the migration batch of the users.

5. There are four types of CSV format ( Exchange format, Dovecot, Mirapoint and Courier IMAP out of all these we need to follow the Mirapoint CSV format , that is one of the recommended format that need to be followed if you are migrating the users from Zimbra server to office 365.

6.Once you have started uploaded the CSV files then the migration will get initiated and syncing of the data from the zimbra sever will get start.

7. After the migration has been successfully completed then you can delete the migration batch and also check the DNS records of your office 365 portal.

Note: please do propagte the licenses also to users.


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