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How to Zip, Archive, move and delete logs from Windows Server using Winrar tool on Windows Server

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How to Zip, Archive, move and delete logs from Windows Server using Winrar tool.

If you are a windows admin, you might face disk space issue, due to log files. Few Microsoft products are designed to take care logs by its own. Like Exchange, where you can backup the database and logs will be purged automatically or using circular logging. However, there are products, we don't have option to purge, archive the logs.

Recently, one my client faced similar issue related to logs. They wanted to zip, archive and delete the logs. I reviewed the requirement, searched lot of scripts, tools etc. Finally, i was able to achieve the goal using Winrar tool. I am outlining the steps below.

Below are the steps:

Step 1 Download/Buy Winrar 32 or64bit

Path: https://www.win-rar.com/predownload.html?&f=winrar-x64-550.exe&spV=true&subD=true&L=0

Step 2 Setting up Windows Environmental variable.
How to set Windows Environmental variable to point to installed Winrar tool (Optional, as you can set the path in .bat also)

1) Open Control Panel>System>Advance system settings>Advance tab>Environmental variables

2) Select “Path” variable>Edit

3) Add below path in the text box:
    ;C:\Program Files\WinRAR
4) Click OK and save it.

Step 3 Zipping the log files.
Goto Start>Run>Notepad. Add below command:

WinRAR a -r TargetPath SourcePath

Below is the command to save logs with date appended in the zip file.

WinRAR a -agYYYY-MM-DD -cfg- -ep1 -inul -m5 -r -y "C:\arch\data_.rar" "C:\test\"

or without setting Environment Variable, use below command

"%ProgramFiles%\WinRAR\rar.exe"  a -agYYYY-MM-DD -cfg- -ep1 -inul -m5 -r -y "C:\arch\data_.rar" "C:\test\"

Step 4 Changing path to source.
cd sourcefolderpath (directory from where you will delete log files)

cd c:\test

Step 5 Deleting logs from source.
Deleting the logs
del /Q /F /S SourceFolderPath (This command delete logs from source in silent mode, including read only)

Step 6 All above command in one file.
Combining all commands into one text file and save it as Logremoval.bat. Below are all commands you need in batch file:

"%ProgramFiles%\WinRAR\rar.exe" a -agYYYY-MM-DD -cfg- -ep1 -inul -m5 -r -y "C:\arch\data_.rar" "C:\test\"
cd "c:\test"
del /Q /F /S *.log

Step 7 Configure .bat using task scheduler.

You can configure this batch file using task manager and run it at specific date and time.

Please note, test this, before you can roll out into production.


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