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PDF files can have any type of restrictions one among them is editing. It is applied to protect the document from any modifications. But, sometimes in order to update the details user demands to edit a secured PDF form. Therefore, in this blog, we have discussed a simple approach to edit locked PDF.

“Are you also looking for an answer on how to edit protected PDF form? Well, do not worry as the solution to the problem is very easy. You only need to keep reading through the write-up to know the best method to edit a secured PDF form. So, let us begin.”

PDF is an acronym which stands for Portable Document Format. It is a standard for sharing and printing documents in any organization or industry. A user can convert or save any PDF file as a specific standard. The standard to save your file will depend upon the objective it was generated for. If the file is saved to the wrong standard, it will create serious problems when it comes to printing, archiving, or sharing it. The problem may occur then and there, or it may appear after some time.

People may apply a password in a PDF file in order to prevent it from unauthorized access. It means another user cannot open, print or perform any operation if he/she does not know the password of PDF file. There are two types of PDF file:

1- User-Locked PDF

2- Owner-Locked PDF

In user-locked PDF file, an outsider needs the password to see the content of file whereas, in an owner-locked PDF, security needs to be removed in order to copy, print, edit, extract, sign, comment, document assembly, filling the form.

Need to Edit Protected PDF Form

The requirement to edit a secured PDF form will become clear after going through the following user queries:

“I have a problematic situation at work. A form is created which is locked such that employees cannot edit protected PDF form. The form contains confidential personal health information and as per the company’s policy, employees are not permitted to edit these details. But, there are some corrections to be made in the form. Is it possible to edit a secured PDF form? Any help or suggestion is highly appreciated.”

“I am having a PDF form in which I want to make some corrections in the header section. Now, I only want to modify the header part. But, the main concern is PDF file is secured and editing is not allowed. Please, tell me if there is any way to edit locked PDF form? How to resolve this issue?”

Professional Solution to Edit Protected PDF Form

A user can make changes or edit a secured PDF form with the help of an automated tool like a SysTools PDF Restriction Remover Tool. According to the experts, it is a perfect solution to edit locked PDF form and remove other PDF restrictions. The interface of the utility is so simple that even a person from a non-technical background can use it without any problem. Some of the unique services it offers are:

  • Eliminates restrictions on PDF files like editing, printing, copying, and extracting
  • Unlocking PDF file from owner-level security can be done using the PDF Unlocker
  • Installation of Adobe Acrobat is not required for the working of this tool
  • The software is compatible with Adobe Acrobat 128/256 bit encryption
  • Multiple PDF files can be unlocked using Enterprise or Business license
  • Does not facilitates the user to remove restrictions from corrupted PDF files
  • The tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS

Step-Wise Procedure to Edit a Secured PDF Form

A user has to follow below mentioned steps to modify a locked PDF form:

  • Firstly, launch the software
  • Click on the Unlock button from the menu to begin the procedure
  • An Unlock PDF File window will appear on the screen. Click on Browse to provide the location of the desired file that is to be unlocked
  • Choose PDF file from the location and click on the Open button
  • After the PDF file is loaded, the tool generates a list of permissions and stats for the selected document. In the next step, the software will produce a decrypted replica of PDF. Click on Browse to select the destination location where an unlocked file will be stored
  • Navigate to the destination location. If folder/destination location does not exist, click on Make New Folder
  • Click on Unlock PDF option to commence the procedure to edit a secured PDF form
  • A dialogue box will appear on the screen when PDF is unlocked. Click on OK
  • A comparison report will be generated of the restrictions on file, before and after using tool
  • Now, check the PDF file for operations like printing, copying, pasting, document assembly, signing, form filling, commenting
  • Exit the application or continue to unlock other PDF files

The Bottom Line

PDF is a preferred choice for many users because of its various advantages. PDF contains important document of the users hence, people often apply passwords to them. But, what to do if it is required to edit protected PDF form. So, this post explains a professional solution to edit a secured PDF form in an easy manner.

Edwin HofferTechnical Expert

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