3 Proven Ways to Increase Your Confidence

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Confident people attract everything that is good in this world, and they will also attract other confident people because of the law of attraction, together achieving success. Good luck on your path!

Everyone admires self-confident people and respects them very much. They enter the room, and you can already smell their self-assurance and see their glowing confidence aura. They know that everything is under their control and they should not panic under any circumstances. They live in the present because the past is in the past and they assure their future. If you ever wanted to be like them here are three proven ways to increase your confidence, make you believe in yourself like you never did and transform you from Average Joe to Confident Chad in a matter of days.

Embrace Your True Nature

Confidence comes from certainty, and it’s as clear as water that faith comes from nothing but the truth, not from living a lie. That’s called false confidence, and it is easy to sink in it. To be confident, you must embrace your nature and do what your body and mind beg you every day to do. Maybe you were born to be a guitar player, a great lawyer or a singer, it doesn’t matter what, but it is something, and you are not doing it. So why not follow the road that makes you get up early in the morning all excited and full of energy?

A lot of people wreck their confidence by being someone else or pretending everything is alright, even though their heart tells them otherwise. Do what you were meant to be doing and as a result, your confidence will come back. If something you are currently doing “feels wrong” even a little bit, don’t do it. It’s as simple as that yet most people are still wondering why every day feels like a chore while they lose hope in life. Do the right thing for you today and start being YOU.

Always be Positive

Ever wonder why every self-help book starts with this? It’s because it is as essential as drinking water daily. Your mindset can attract positive things and negative things alike, it all depends on which ones you decide to focus. Being positive can even go so far that it can increase your lifespan, lower rates of depression and lower rates of stress. These benefits, and the fact that worrying weakens individuals should give you the right idea about why it’s worth to be positive.

Changing your mindset is as simple as repeating these affirmations in the morning or every couple of hours: “I am the luckiest man on earth” or “Nothing can put me down”. These sentences have the power to change the whole outcome of a day and boost your morale and self-confidence in an instant. Why? Because they fundamentally ‘rewire’ your brain into a more self-confident and reliant one.

2018 is the best year to be alive because of so many reasons, and that should instantly make you positive about the future.

Get Things Done

Every person that believes in themselves has built their confidence upon accomplishments. Accomplishments that required hard work and determination are the best ones. You probably remember how you felt when you won that trophy in 2nd grade or when your boss congratulated you? It felt great, didn’t it? That’s because achieving small and significant goals, is going to boost up your confidence to the moon. 

You can first start with small steps, like eating a healthy breakfast or finishing your tasks one hour earlier and then move to the next phase like lose 10kg in 3 months or get a promotion. You know what they say: “The bigger the mountain, the better the view” or in this case “, The bigger the accomplishment, the bigger the confidence boost.”

Not procrastinating and getting things done is a game changer for everyone on the path of having colossal confidence and should be on top of your list.

These are three of the most effective ways to achieve a considerable level of confidence that will make you walk into a room and have everybody looking with admiration. 


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