How To Fix Outlook.ost Inaccessible Issue In Outlook Using Latest Technique

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An Outlook.ost Inaccessible Issue can cause annoying problems to Outlook email users. Traditional techniques cannot resolve this issue completely. This error can be easily fixed by using modern utilities like SysTools Outlook OST Recovery Software.

Emailing is the main pillar depending on which business communication is being used in these modern times. Despite the availability of a myriad of email clients, Microsoft Outlook holds the prestigious position as the preferred email client around the world. 

However, Outlook users may face certain issues due to data file corruption. For example, OST files may become inaccessible in Outlook and that hinders the normal functionality of Outlook. In such situations, it becomes an absolute necessity to fix the problem. Keeping the user demand in mind, this post will discuss remedial approaches to fix an Outlook OST inaccessible issue. Before learning how to fix Outlook.ost inaccessible issue in Outlook, we will focus on the reasons behind this problem. 

Factors That Cause Outlook.ost Inaccessible Issue

Not one but multiple factors can be responsible for the situation when an Outlook OST file become inaccessible. Here are some of the major reasons:

  • Corrupt or damaged Outlook OST files

  • Inappropriate synchronization between OST and Exchange 

  • Connectivity issues between Outlook and Server 

  • Simultaneous attempts to access the same file by multiple users 

  • Some unauthorized person attempting to access OST file 

  • Third-party applications or add-ins having some conflict with Outlook

How To Fix Outlook.ost Inaccessible Issue In Outlook

When it comes to fixing inaccessible OST files, more than one solution is available. We will talk about two major approaches used to solve this problem.

Traditional Approach

Earlier, people used Inbox Recovery Tool (also known as scanOST.exe) to fix this issue. This method is also called a traditional or old method. Since Outlook 2007, scanOST.exe is not included in Outlook anymore. Afterward, Outlook contains the only scanPST.exe that may be used to fix the OST file corruption issue, and that too is only for minor corruptions. In case of any major damages to Outlook OST files, scanPST.exe is not effective at all.

Contemporary Approach

With time, old practices dissolve and new practices emerge. At the present time, the conventional concept of using scanPST.exe is not in use anymore. The scale of business has been increasing and now people do not have time to perform manual techniques to solve technical issues. Therefore, dependency upon software or applications has developed extensively in all technology sectors and the same problem is no different than the rest. Users nowadays utilize various tools to fix an Outlook.ost inaccessible issue with Outlook.

Why Choose SysTools Outlook OST Recovery?

Although various applications are available in the market that make claims in resolving Outlook.ost inaccessible issues, not all of them perform up to the mark. In fact, when it comes to choosing a truly effective application that can solve Outlook OST inaccessible problem, we would recommend SysTools Outlook OST Recovery Software

This is an ideal tool that can fix all types of OST file corruptions and thus resolve the problem of being unable to access OST files. This tool comes with various licenses for both personal and business users. Users can choose the license most suitable for their requirement and purchase it by making a one-time payment through a secured gateway.

Pros Of Outlook OST Recovery Application

This tool provides several benefits over other applications. Here are the features that make the program stand out from the rest of the crowd:

  • The most beneficial feature of this tool is its ability to resolve all types of corruptions in OST files. Be it major Outlook .ost corruption or minor, it can resolve them all effortlessly. 

  • The second benefit of using Outlook Recovery is its price. The software is available at an affordable price and there is no monthly fee involved. Purchase it for once and uses can use it forever. 

  • This tool is equipped with the ability to fix orphan OST files also. Users do not have worry about installing the software on the same system that is facing the problem. It can be installed on any system to recover native or orphan OST files that are damaged.

  • OST files created in all versions of MS Outlook can be recovered by this application. It supports Outlook 2016 and all lower versions, as a result, all OST file owners can use it. 

  • Even if the PST files are encrypted or compressed, this tool has its solution too. Outlook Recovery Software is capable of recovering compressed and encrypted Outlook OST files. 

Cons of Outlook OST Recovery Tool

There are no such cons in using this application that is worth mentioning. The only limitation of the application is that it on supports Windows OS. The software does not work in Mac OS.

Final Words

An Outlook OST inaccessible issue can occur to any user but it definitely affects every one of them badly. That is why we discussed how to fix the Outlook.ost inaccessible issue in Outlook. We have attempted to provide readers with the sure-shot solution of the mentioned problem. It is expected that people will use the application and get rid of the issue permanently. 

Edwin HofferTechnical Expert

Comments (4)

Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independent Technology Professional

Why not just delete the OST and let it rebuild automatically?
Edwin HofferTechnical Expert
Top Expert 2014


Hi Brian B

Thank You for mentioning manual method, but in case of bulk repairing of OST file by manual doesn't make sense. Consume lots of human efforts and time and also not secure to rebuild again with all lost data.

By this, I suggest SysTools OST Recovery Software, repair and recover lost data of batch OST file.

Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independent Technology Professional

Why would you need to be bulk repairing anything? If you just delete the OST file, Outlook will rebuild it. No need to purchase any tools.

I read over your website as well and one thing isn't clear to me... Does this tool fix the existing OST file or just export it to PST?
Edwin HofferTechnical Expert
Top Expert 2014


Hi Brian B

SysTools OST Recovery Software is a multi-functional application,

  • View OST File
  • Repair OST File
  • Convert OST to PST

Your mention manual method to delete the OST file will work only when the Outlook and Exchange Server are in perfect sync.


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