3 Major Factors in which Graphic Design can Work Wonders for a Business Portal

Edited by: Andrew Leniart

World Wide Web is the information superhighway as was dubbed by former US president Al-Gore. Since then, the Internet has evolved at a lightning pave as there are many ways in which it has changed the lives of all of us. E-commerce is one aspect that is a clear example of this. For any online shopping portal, the design aspect is very critical and people are lured to a website either through a cool design or CTAs that are according to what they are looking for.

Graphic designing is one of the aspects that not many businesses look to add in their websites although they look to add web design in the best way possible. The role of a web designer is critical and we all agree to this but graphic designing is equally important. In fact, it is the graphic images that a visitor first looks at. Cool images can entice a visitor to read the text in between on the images.

There are many ways in which graphic design is linked with various factors of web design. Let me offer you an insight by discussing 4 of these aspects.

1. Home Page:

The most important page, it is where half the battle can be won. No matter whether you are getting a website for a candy or for a luxury car, if the home page is alluring enough, you can hope for the best. Once your visitor doesn’t approve of the design of the website and graphic images in this concern, you are doomed. Higher bounce rate will mean that the whole purpose of creating the website is not met.

2. Content:

Content doesn’t mean just the text as perceived by many people. It's everything that is available on the website namely animation, audio, video, graphics, etc. A company can talk about its products, services and define the USP they have over all the other companies manufacturing the same product. Again, the use of the graphics is what can be really interesting. If you are not sure about what to include, you can ask a firm adept in offering graphic design to help you out in this regard.

3. Brand Reputation:

The apt graphic design incorporated into a web design can lead to the improved reputation of a company and its brand. Graphics such as logos and different pictures can improve the brand identity of a product to the extent that people will easily identify your product if they’ll like your logo. 

Similarly, interesting pictures and graphics depicting your product in a positive way can make sure the reputation of the website is that of a professional one rather than amateur website just having lots of animation or videos embedded in it.

Colors and images are two ways in which the impact of a graphic can be enhanced. A user-friendly website which is supported by apt graphics with tools helping out people with disabilities can be really helpful to make your website accessible by anyone.

Final Word:

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