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To make data more confidential it is needed to generate a watermark on a PDF file. So, read the blog and get the complete knowledge about PDF watermarking. Also, learn simple ways to insert watermark in PDF files.

Most users have seen that grey colored or a different colored text behind the content of the document or image. This colored text is known as Watermark. In other words, a kind of mark, image or text which is applied to a document or an image to make it unique is referred to as Watermark. 

If a person adds a watermark to his/her document or image then the security of that document and image is maintained. Through the medium of Watermarks, one can identify the owner of the document. Watermarks also maintain confidentiality. Therefore, in this write-up, we are going to discuss the importance and method to insert watermark in PDF files by using a perfect solution.

How is PDF Watermarking Helpful?

 There are several benefits to generate watermark PDF. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Maintains the confidentiality of the documents and images
  • Protect the content from theft
  • No one can modify anything in your documents
  • Maintains the authenticity and originality of the document
  • Provides copyright protection
  • Helps in the branding of e-books
  • Promotion of a company, product or service in an indirect way

Three Possible Solutions to Insert Watermark in PDF

Online Solutions For PDF Watermarking

There are many online solutions available for users. But most of the online solutions are complicated and unreliable. There are many shortcomings associated with the online solutions. When a user uses any of the online watermarking tools then the user has to face the formatting issues. The watermark is not properly placed according to the user’s requirement. 

Moreover, the content present in the document is also affected. In some of the online tools, email ID is asked by the website to send the final document with watermark in it. But when the user receives that document, the watermark is not present in it. Additionally, in an indirect way your personal information like name, email ID is also leaked.

Generate Watermark PDF by Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a utility developed by Adobe System using which a user can view, create, print, manipulate and manage files in Portable Document Format (PDF). Using this tool, a user can also add watermark. But it is necessary to have a full version of the tool.

Free Tool to Insert Watermark in PDF Files – SysTools PDF Watermark

SysTools Free PDF Watermark Creator is a freeware and trusted solution, using which a user can easily generate watermark PDF. It is loaded with amazing features that are discussed below:

  • The software can apply a watermark to multiple PDF files at a time
  • Provides an option to add image or text as the watermark on PDF files
  • A user can customize color, size placement of watermark according to the requirements
  • The utility support multiple image types like JPG, PNG, GIF etc.
  • The tool allows the user to set the transparency level of the watermark

Know How Tool Performs PDF Watermarking

  • First of all, download and install the tool to insert watermark in PDF
  • Run the tool on your system. Now, you see the Watermark option
  • Click on the Watermark option and then select type of watermark you want to add: Text Watermark or Image Watermark
  • Now, you have to select the PDF file in which you want to add watermark by clicking on Add File(s) or Add Folder button and then click on the Next button
  • Now, you have to specify the watermark text, position, font size, font color, transparency
  • Select the location where you want to save the output PDF file by click on the Browse button and then click on the Next button
  • The utility will show a summary page containing all the details of the watermark. Now, click on the Generate button
  • After the completion of the process, the software will display a message Watermark added to PDF(s) successfully
  • To verify that watermark has been added to the document go to the location where you saved your file. Open the file and to check the final results

Final Words

Many users want a free and reliable solution to generate watermark PDF files. In this blog, we have discussed a trustworthy and smart solution that is SysTools PDF Watermark Creator which a user can use to easily insert watermarks in PDF files. 

Moreover, it is designed with a user-friendly interface using which a user can easily operate the utility. No need to worry about the content of the PDF files as this software maintains the data security and data integrity. We always suggest you go for a reliable tool to complete your task without any hassle.


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